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Microsoft's BlueTrack lets mice roam at will

Microsoft's mice get a BlueTrack upgrade
Microsoft's mice get a BlueTrack upgrade

Now you really can throw away that mousepad. Microsoft has announced a new mouse tracking technology, BlueTrack, that it claims beats optical and laser systems, to work "just about everywhere".

BlueTrack combines the width and power of optical technology with the precision of laser tracking, using a wide blue beam and specular optics architecture to work on surfaces where laser mice can't, such as granite or marble countertops.

Dust buster

BlueTrack is far less susceptible to dust and dirt accumulation than laser tracking systems, so you can even use it on carpets – although sadly not on clear or mirrored glass.

BlueTrack will debut in the full-size Explorer Mouse (£70) and the smaller Explorer Mini Mouse (£50) this autumn. Chrome trim and blue lighting add a touch of bling, while 2.4GHz wireless tech allows use up to 30 feet from your computer.

However, we can't help wondering whether Microsoft lawyers will be busy when the mice launch in October. BlueTrack, "the world's largest selection of squeezable stress balls", is already selling a squeezable stress computer mouse for about a buck (60p)....