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Spotify has 20 million songs, but 20% have never been played

4 million mystery songs

Spotify has some pretty impressive numbers, including a huge 24 million monthly user-base (minus Thom Yorke), and a large music catalogue.

The internet music streaming company turned five last week and spouted off some highlights including the fact that 80% of its music - over 20 million songs - have been played at least once.

But within its millions, there's a surprising 20% (or 4 million songs) that have never graced any eardrums. At all. Sad.

Though Spotify has told us that "80% of everything available in digital download stores has never been bought by anyone" which is comparable to the fact that people actually stream 80% of the company's music.

So hey, maybe now with all the curiosity about what the mystery songs are, they might get a play-through.

More blips!

Listen up, these blips are seriously spectacular.

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