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Chrome's bookmark manager is getting some useful new features

New Google Chrome bookmark manager
Chrome's new bookmark manager

In most cases saving a bookmark is pretty straightforward, and it's an area in which browsers haven't really had to improve much over the years.

But Google is nevertheless introducing some new features in Chrome that will roll out "over the next few weeks," Google Product Manager Cynthia Johanson wrote on the Chrome blog.

With Chrome's new bookmark manager you'll be able to select an image and add a note or "snippet" to save along with a bookmark to make it easier to find later, and Chrome will also suggest a folder for it if it detects one that makes sense.

The update will also add improved search, letting you search not just your bookmarks' titles but also the contents of the bookmarked pages, automatic organization by topic, and social bookmark sharing, and all your existing bookmarks will be updated as well.

The changes hit the Chrome beta first and should roll out to more users soon.