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Spotify brings 'private listening' to Facebook

Spotify bring 'private listening' to Facebook
Spotify on Facebook - evolving

Spotify has responded to widespread complaints from its user base that they did not want everything they listened to published to Facebook by bringing in a 'private listening' option.

Spotify has often reacted quickly to user feedback, and after many disconnected their accounts soon after adding them into Facebook because they did not want their every musical whim broadcast to their friends and family, the music streaming company has made changes.

"Now you can temporarily hide your guilty pleasures," read the tweet. "We call it "Private listening" and you can find it in the Spotify/File menu."

The news was announced on Spotify's Twitter account, and was greeted with immediate pleasure by followers.

Guilty pleasures

Spotify's partnership with Facebook was announced at the F8 conference, which focused heavily on the integration of music and playlists into the social network.

Founder Daniel Ek was invited to the stage to showcase Spotify on Facebook, illustrating the growing sway of the music streaming service which was founded in Sweden and launched in 2008.