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Opera: Chrome's fast, but we're faster

Opera - claiming the speed crown
Opera - claiming the speed crown

Boasts from Google about the speed of Chrome have been countered by Opera – who insists that its latest browser is faster still than the very latest Chrome trials.

Product manager Philip Grønvold told TechRadar that Opera not only blows Apple's Safari out of the water in speed tests, but also has the edge over the beta versions of Google Chrome.

"We beat Chrome 5 development nightlies in Chrome testing and we beat Safari in Safari testing," stated Grønvold.

Fastest browser

"With 10.5, with this step, we can claim that we have the fastest browser," he added.

Although the difference in speeds on the average web page is so small its virtually unperceivable, the test are still relevant as browsers are asked to perform increasingly complicated procedures.

As website content begins to take advantage of things like HTML5 and tie-ins to more of the device's hardware, expect to see the focus on browser speed stick around at the front-lines of the browser wars.