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Download of the day: XnRetro

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XnRetro is a free photo editor that creates a convincing simulation of pictures taken with a very badly made camera using expired film (yes, it's a thing).

It sounds terrible but looks awesome, and fiddling with the filters, sliders and other effects is strangely addictive.

For a fast trip back in time, there's a selection of ready-made filters to give your pictures an old-fashioned look with a single click – each designed to mimic a particular type of film. Each filter includes sliders for fine-tuning color balance, contrast, saturation and exposure

Rose-tinted glasses (or green, or blue)

Once you're happy with the colors, it's time to explore the frame, vignette and light options. The frames are similar to those you used to find in Instagram a few years ago, and include Polaroid-style edges and grubby smudges.

The vignette settings create the look of film that's been unevenly exposed, with more light hitting the centre of the film than the edges. It looks pleasingly dramatic if your subject is in the centre of the frame.

The preset filters are cool for cats, or you can make your own look with the adjustable sliders

The preset filters are cool for cats, or you can make your own look with the adjustable sliders

Finally, XnRetro's special lighting effects include light leaks, which simulate the effect of light getting into the body of a shoddily made plastic camera body. There's also bokeh, which transforms points of light into discs, and a tool that simulates the effect of surface scratches on an old print.

Download here: XnRetro

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