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Cortana could be preparing to bring its AI smarts to Windows and Xbox One

Cortana could be heading towards Windows and Xbox One
Now THIS would make Kinect awesome

Cortana, Microsoft's voice assistant feature, could be coming to Windows and Xbox, not just Windows Phone.

A recent job listing posted by Microsoft hints at the virtual assistant working across the wider Windows platform, in a move that would, frankly, make a lot of sense.

"Bring part of the Cortana team you will have the opportunity to push the frontier, redefine the personalization experience on Windows," reads the posting.

Makes sense to us

It's the use of the word Windows, not Windows Phone, that's got us interested. It could just be a matter of semantics - but if you think about it, why wouldn't Microsoft spread the Cortana love?

It's worth noting that initial rumours (which got most of the details correct) claimed that Cortana would be coming to Xbox One and Windows.

Right now, the main thing we're waiting on Microsoft to get the full version of Cortana out to all Windows Phone users.