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Microsoft announces Wireless Mobile Mouse 3000v2

3000v2 - budget wireless mouse
3000v2 - budget wireless mouse

Microsoft has announced the arrival of the Wireless Mobile Mouse 3000v2 – billing it as the 'perfect accessory to any notebook, laptop or PC'.

Although not as headline drawing as Apple's Magic TrackPad – announced yesterday – Microsoft hardware's latest offering is somewhat cheaper at just under £20.

Like up to 20 Mbps?

The budget mouse has 'up to' 10 months of battery life (which technically of course could mean anything) and a range of 'up to' 30 feet.

There are three buttons, a scroll wheel and the mouse offers 1,000dpi, and uses the 2.4GHz wireless connection.

The mouse is available now, and has been given a price of £19.99.