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Best cycling gifts for Christmas: tech stocking fillers for those on two wheels

What to give a cyclist at Christmas? It's a tough one as they seem initially easy to buy for, being a fan of something, but when you look into it there is a huge amount to pick from. Where do you start? Right here is a great place. This and our best cycling tech guide here

This guide will lay out some of the best cycling gift options specifically for this Christmas.

These include cycling gifts for cyclists who take their data very seriously, road cycling at speed with a goal in mind. It will also offer options for those that like to get out in the woods and give their mountain bike a beating. But fret not, the commuter cyclists and even those that just ride for the fun of it will all be catered for too.

All budgets are also taken into account with high-end options tempered with more affordable alternatives. Cyclists often know what they want when it comes to kit, so why not surprise them this Christmas with something special they didn't even know they needed?

Light & Motion Vibe Pro Headlight

A smart light that automatically turns on and adapts to ambient lighting

Reasons to buy
+Automatically turns on+Ambient light adaptive 
Reasons to avoid
-Not the cheapest-Neither the brightest 

This is a great way to offer the gift of safer cycling, by improving visibility, but without adding hassle. Unlike other bike lights that add another thing to the list of to-dos before cycling away, this light takes care of itself. 

Thanks to light and motion sensors the light detects when the bike is moving and turns itself on. Then, using ambient light sensors, it will switch from light to strobe when it gets dark to make sure the rider is seen. 

Simple, smart and safe making this an ideal gift for Christmas. 

Livall MT1 MTB Smart Helmet

A smart helmet that is app connected for emergency aid but also for music and calls

Reasons to buy
+Music player and hands-free calling built-in+lights onboard 
Reasons to avoid
-Could be better looking-Not the lightest 

A bike helmet is there primarily to keep the rider safe, but what if it could keep working even after the accident? This Bluetooth connected helmet uses a 3-axis accelerometer to detect a fall, it can then send your GPS location via the connected phone app if you don't turn off the alert 90-seconds following the fall. 

On top of all that it has built-in front and rear LED lights, plus it can be used as a hands-free kit or to play music thanks to built in stereo speakers and a mic. 

Garmin Edge 25 GPS Cycle Computer

A minimalist way to get GPS enabled cycling data with Strava integration

Reasons to buy
+Strava support+Bluetooth, ANT+ and GPS connected 
Reasons to avoid
-Not a color display-Must use Garmin Connect app for data 

Let your lucky gift receiver enjoy all the years of experience from Garmin refined down into this minimalist wonder of a cycle computer. This offers a big clear display for things like speed, heart rate, distance and plenty more thanks to ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity. 

Enjoy Strava support for virtual races against other riders or to discover new routes and using a connected smartphone get all the results uploaded instantly. You can even message or track the person (if they let you) now thanks to Smart Notifications and Live Tracking onboard. 

Everysight Raptor Smartglasses

See cycling data displayed in augmented reality while still focusing on the road ahead

Reasons to buy
+Safe display clarity+Take photos by looking 
Reasons to avoid
-Expensive-Still early adopter tech 

There is augmented reality, then there is the Raptor. This aerospace standard quality built wearable is made for minimal drag but maximum wind protection with a daylight-ready projection screen that throws information into your line of sight so you can stay focused on the road – or in this case the person lucky enough to get this as a gift can. 

Connect to an ANT+ device for cycling data, smartphone for notifications and enjoy the built-in camera to look and snap pics of what you see, this even stores MP3s and has internal speakers to offer music on the go. This is the gift of the cycling future. 

Garmin Varia Radar

See behind with radar alerts for a safer ride, ideal for commuters

Reasons to buy
+220-degrees of visibility+Alerts for vehicles up to 140 metres away 
Reasons to avoid
-Another device to charge-Requires a Garmin device 

This is a fantastic gift for any road cyclist or commuter who rides with cars nearby. Thanks to a radar with a 220-degree field of view this Varia device can alert the rider with a visual or audio alert when a car is approaching from up to 140 metres behind.

The person using this will need either a Garmin computer or a dedicated radar display to use the data. But this also doubles as a rear light with a bright steady or strobing light that can be seen up to a mile away. Give the gift of safety this Crimbo.

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