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Pure launches Jongo multi-room music streaming system

Pure launches Jongo multi-room music streaming system
Pure Jongoism

Pure is making moves even further away from the DAB arena with the launch of its wireless multi-room music service, dubbed Jongo.

With the launch of cute and affordable Jongo S340B wireless speakers, Pure hopes to sneak its way into every room of the house and beyond.

The service as a whole works over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and you can control it either using the Pure Lounge smartphone app, or on one of Pure's internet touch-screen radios.

These include the Sensia 200D Connect and the Pure One Flow, although the controls are obviously a little more limited than on the apps.

Speaker session

The Jongo S340B speakers offer a rechargeable battery, Bluetooth receiver, four tweeters, 360-degree sound and an upward-firing subwoofer.

They can be used alone, in stereo or in various rooms around the house for synchronous music playback.

At £150 a pop, the S340Bs are a sight more affordable than Sonos' excellent Play:3 set up; and with a hi-fi adapter coming at CES 2013, you'll be able to add your existing speaker set up into the multi-room mix.

Hitting the shop shelves in November 2012, the Pure Jongo S340B speakers are available in black, white, lime green, mango and burnt orange.

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