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Here's why Black Friday is the best time to renew your PS Plus membership

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Has your PlayStation Plus membership run out? Or have you just been waiting for the right time to subscribe to Sony's online subscription service? Well, either way you're in luck, because there's no better time to renew, or start, a PS Plus membership than Black Friday.

There will be plenty of fantastic Black Friday PS4 and PS4 Pro deals floating about at the end of November, but if you're a PlayStation owner then there's one purchase that should be your priority: PlayStation Plus. 

Without a doubt, Black Friday is the best time to start or renew your PS Plus membership, and here's why…

What is PS Plus?

PlayStation Plus or PS Plus is Sony's online subscription service that allows you to play PS4 games online, while also gifting you a selection of free games each month for the PS4 console (PS3 and PS Vita games have unfortunately been dropped).

The cheapest time to buy

Black Friday always sees massive discounts on PlayStation Plus membership – in particular there are usually excellent offers on PS Plus 12-month memberships. 

Typically, a 12-month membership costs $60 / £50; however during Black Friday 2018 we saw the service discounted to $39.99 / £39.99 at a number of US and UK retailers including Walmart, Amazon and the PlayStation Store.

That means customers made a saving of $20 / £10 – and we're expecting a similar deal this year. Outside of Amazon Prime Day, Black Friday is the cheapest time of the year to purchase a PS Plus 12-month membership.

Don't worry about it for a year

Here's the key part: on top of a big ol' discount, if you purchase a PS Plus 12-month membership then you don't have to worry about renewing it for a whole year. And, by the time your renewal is due, it'll be Black Friday once again – and you'll be able to pick up another 12-month deal. It's a genius strategy.

It's also why we suggest getting a 12-month membership rather than 15 months. While we do see some great offers on PS Plus 15-month memberships, if you purchase one during Black Friday it'll run out at the end of February 2021, when there are typically no sales on. 

Going for 12 months instead means you can keep saving money year after year. Plus, a 12-month membership will take you up to the release of the PS5 in late 2020 – and the next-gen console may not use PS Plus at all. 

Keep an eye on TechRadar

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But if you can't wait until Black Friday, and want to disregard the above advice altogether, below we've included the the cheapest PlayStation Plus prices right now for your perusal:

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