Samsung Wave 2 review

The Samsung Wave II comes with a new hardware overhaul

Samsung Wave II GT-S8530
The definitive Samsung Wave II GT-S8530 review

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Samsung Wave II review: Battery life

Samsung wave ii gt-s8530

We weren't expecting great things from the Samsung Wave II's battery. It packs a 1500mAh cell, which is top end, but the battery has a lot to do. It has to keep that 3.7-inch 800 x 480 pixel screen going for a start, and it has to power the 1GHz processor that's at the heart of things.

But we were really impressed. After one six-hour stint of fairly punishing media playback, Wi-Fi, web use and HSDPA bashing, a full battery had only lost one of its five bars in the monitor. It started to fall more quickly after that, but life was still pretty good.

Samsung wave ii gt-s8530

We reckon that Bada has something to do with this and that it has been tightly put together to minimise battery drain. Whatever the reason, this ought to be a two day smartphone for many users, and that's not something we say very often.

Samsung wave ii gt-s8530

We temper that with the fact that if you are a heavy music listener, 3G data, Wi-Fi or GPS basher, you should realistically still be thinking in terms of daily charges.