Samsung Solid Immerse review: Ruggedness

The Samsung Solid Immerse is rated as IP67 compliant. That means it is able to withstand 'ingress' from dust and immersion in water to depths between 15cm and 1m.

So, how did we test this?

Samsung solid immerse

Well, first off, we ran the Samsung Solid Immerse under a tap for a few minutes, then left it sitting in a bowl of water for 15 minutes.

Samsung solid immerse

When we dried it off, it was working fine.

Then we put it into a bag of garden soil and gave it a good shake around. Another washing off, and again it was functioning perfectly well.

Samsung solid immerse

For a final test, we had a go at scratching the screen with a kitchen knife. No joy there, either.

So that means that the Samsung Solid Immerse does exactly what you'd hope it would: survive underwater, withstand dust and grit and even help you out in a knife attack... although we'd recommend running rather than using the Immerse as a shield in the last example.