Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini review

Is smaller always more beautiful?

Samsung Galaxy S3 mini
The definitive Samsung Galaxy S3 mini review

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Happily, Samsung has taken the majority of the stills camera settings across to the Galaxy S3 Mini's video recorder, including the flash. Well, it would have been silly not to. Recording up to 30fps, the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini's video camera is no slouch.

Samsung knows that when you create videos on your Galaxy S3 Mini, chances are you are probably going to then forward that video on to friends, so it provides the ability to limit your videos in recording mode, making a very useful way of optimising for MMS.

We're not so sure people still use MMS to share videos these days, especially since the rise of YouTube, Facebook and other social networking sites. Sadly there is no setting to optimise for these sites, but you can choose video resolution from 1280 x 720, 720 x 480, 640 x 480 and 320 x 240.

In all honesty we can't see why you would want the lower resolution videos, unless you were trying to hide something.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini review

Samsung has also proved the Galaxy S3 Mini with the same colour effects, and again while they provide no real use to the recording, playing with the effects put a smile on our face and made things seem a little otherworldly.

The more useful settings include timers, exposure, white balance and guidelines. We know that the majority of users, like us, probably won't really use these functions, but we like tweaking them to make ourselves sound more professional when we show off to our three friends.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini review