Samsung Galaxy Mini review

To infinity and beyond? You're in for a bumpy ride

Samsung Galaxy Mini
The budget offering in the Galaxy range

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Samsung Galaxy Mini review: Video

You probably won't want to use the video feature on the Samsung Galaxy Mini after your first experience with it. Although it's very easy to use, the quality is very poor.

To access the video app, click into the camera app and hit the camera icon on the top right corner. This will change the functions bars on either side of the screen to inform you that you're now able to record a video.

Samsung galaxy mini

Video playback is very grainy, recorded in QGVA at 15fps. There's no video light, so you can only use the feature during the day or else end up with a mostly black screen for the duration of the video. Again, this is a compromise that needs to be made as a result of the low cost of the phone.

The volume rocker becomes the zoom in and out buttons, but when using them during a recording, the sound of the button being tapped will also be heard in the playback.

Samsung galaxy mini

Images become very blurry when zoomed in to the maximum (3x zoom) so taking videos of objects far away is tricky. Also, zooming in and out isn't fluid but jerky, so it will be very obvious when this function is being used.

The video function gives you the option to record in negative, black and white or sepia modes, as well as choosing from normal, fine and superfine video quality. We recommend shooting in superfine or else playback will be even more grainy than usual.