Samsung Galaxy Mini review

To infinity and beyond? You're in for a bumpy ride

Samsung Galaxy Mini
The budget offering in the Galaxy range

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Samsung Galaxy Mini review: Internet

Samsung galaxy mini

The Samsung Galaxy Mini incorporates 3G HSDPA and Wi-Fi. When using a 3 Mobile SIM, web pages load quickly and browsing is a surprisingly good experience - equally so over Wi-Fi too.

But here's the major flaw – especially if you like to surf the web on the go. The screen quality is very poor, so reading text-heavy websites is nigh on impossible.

Samsung galaxy mini

When the page loads, it's virtually impossible to make out any of the text on the page. Pinch zooming is an option, but once you do so you have to keep swiping the screen across to read the text. And, if zoomed in too much, the text becomes pixelated.

Samsung galaxy mini

You can add bookmarks very easily by tapping the Bookmark icon then hitting Add. However, the bright backlight coupled with a low resolution screen means you will not want to surf the web too often on this device, so bookmarking may be unnecessary.

You can also access the internet without a SIM card by using the Wi-Fi feature, which also works very well. Speeds are, not surprisingly, much faster when using Wi-Fi, and web pages load within a maximum of three seconds.