One good thing about basic phones: They can almost always run circles around smartphones when it comes to battery life. The Samsung Array includes a mere 1000mAh lithium ion battery, but manages to actually exceed the company's own talk and standby time specs.

Samsung Array Review

While Sprint boasts up to four hours of talk time, we managed something closer to six hours, which was a nice surprise. Samsung promises something on the order of 10 days standby time, which sounds accurate to us, given the Array only needed a single charge during the time we spent with it.

The battery is removable, and easily accessed by sliding a fingernail into a thin slit next to the headphone jack up top, although we don't see many users needing a spare battery for a handset such as this.

Samsung Array Review

While Sprint's variant of the Samsung Array does tap into the carrier's poky 3G data network, there's no WiFi option to be found here. Given the meager web browser and questionable selection of so-called apps, the lack of WiFi is not much of a hardship.

We attempted to connect the Array to our MacBook Pro using mass storage mode, but neither the internal nor micro-SD storage ever mounted on the desktop. We had better luck connecting via Bluetooth 3.0, but transferring even 18MB worth of photos and videos took nearly 20 minutes.