We were worried about the keyboard on the Pixi Plus – very worried. The keys are tiny, with very little space between them, especially after our experience on the Pre Plus, which has a much-larger, but still practically unusable keypad.

But somehow it just works on the Pixi Plus. We've reviewed both this and the new Palm Pre Plus in recent weeks and definitely made less mistakes on the Pixi Plus. The keys are very clickable and, even though it can feel like you're hitting half a dozen keys at once, more often than not, you've got the right one.

Palm pixi plus

On the Pre Plus we found ourselves having to use the edge of our fingernails, but the fingertip generally suffices here.

You still need to be careful to be accurate, but the more we used the device, the easier it got. Perhaps it's having the flat surface to work on, rather than the Pre's curved design.

At the end of the day, it's still not brilliant, but surprisingly good. On the Pre, typing out long emails was a massive chore, but here it's not too bad. Of course, we'd like a touchscreen keyboard, but with the small screen, it doesn't seem as practical, or as desperately required as it is on the Palm Pre Plus.

The autocorrect and dictionary functionality needs some work, though. More often than not, the phone only added in the odd apostrophe, so at least it's gramatically vigilant, if not kind enough to check your spelling.

Palm pixi plus

As with on the Palm Pre, Palm Synergy allows all of your emails, texts and IMs with the same person to be stored under a single thread, which was one of the key features Palm crowed about at launch.

It is excellent, and conversations are handily colour-coded, but more often than not there can be several conversations going on about different things over different mediums, so it can be quite hard to keep up with.

The email interface allows you to integrate as many different email accounts as you like into one inbox. We added Gmail and Hotmail and although they existed as separate accounts everything still came into the same place.

Palm pixi plus

Push email is on board, although you can pick up email once a day if you like. We would love to see threaded emails rather than conversations, though.

For that read Skype, Windows Live Messenger and an official Twitter app. We'd also like the ability to send Facebook messages from within a contact.