It's a crying shame that Palm's App Catalog has been completely unable to engage developers in the way that iPhone and Android has, because web OS really deserves a full range of dynamic applications.

It really is one of the only things preventing Palm from going nose-to-nose with those two behemoths of the smartphone world.

Right now there are over 1000 apps, which is an improvement on the 18 the device launched with, but still nowhere near enough.

Palm pixi plus

The interface is nice enough, especially to those who're still using the Android 1.5 version of the Market, and everything is easy to find.

We enjoyed using the Facebook app on the Palm Pixi Plus. It's laid out in a much more logical way than on rival devices, especially the poor Facebook for Android app.

Palm pixi plus

It's easy to access your news feed, profile or photos from the pull down tab and cycling through pictures is a synch.

It's a shame Palm weren't able to integrate Facebook chat into the messages app to sit alongside AIM and Google Talk.

Palm pixi plus

There's no official Twitter app to speak of, and the unofficial Tweed application is £2.19, which seems way too expensive considering every other platform offers a Twitter app for nothing. We really miss not having Skype too.

Palm is going to have to work harder to get developers back in the game, but that's only going to happen if the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus are more successful than their forebears.