Nokia E72 review

Will Nokia's QWERTY smartphone do the business?

Nokia E72
The definitive Nokia E72 review

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Wi-Fi and HSPA connectivity provide high-speed data connectivity options when browsing at the home, office or when you're out and about.

Nokia e72

The E72's browser is a fairly standard issue Nokia S60 affair, so you get none of the whizzy user interface tricks enjoyed on touchscreen smartphones such as the iPhone.

Flash Lite is supported, and pages render relatively promptly in mobile coverage and impressively quickly when connected to Wi-Fi.

Nokia e72

The phone can utilise some keyboard-activated shortcut options, so you can zoom, bookmark, reload and so on with quick key presses.

However, the S60 browser user interface, with press-to-browse lists of options and histories, feels dated compared to top touchscreen smartphones and even some touch-operated feature phone browsers.

Nokia e72

The optical navigation trackpad works effectively enough on webpages, although again, sometimes it's just as easy clicking the D-pad rim for precision aiming and firing at links.

Nokia has geared up the E72 for a spot of social networking too, with apps for Facebook, MySpace and YouTube pre-loaded which direct users to the respective online mobile sites.

Nokia e72

With support too for Nokia's Ovi Files online service, the E72 can be used to view, download and send files that are stored on your home computer.