Nokia E72 review

Will Nokia's QWERTY smartphone do the business?

Nokia E72
The definitive Nokia E72 review

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Video playback is okay on the QVGA screen, and is smooth and bright, but the size and resolution of the screen limit the impact of video watching on this device.

As well as the media player, the E72 has the usual Nokia smartphone RealPlayer application onboard. Video file formats supported include MP4, AVC/H.264,WMV, RV, Flash Video and H.263/3GP.

Nokia e72

Video clips can be shared online too, and the phone has Nokia's Video Centre application onboard for streaming and downloading content from the Ovi Store (some free, others paid for).

Although the E72 is geared up for serious business users, it's still capable of delivering a surprisingly powerful audio performance. The music player software is, again, standard issue S60 kit, so the user interface is functional rather than anything more elaborate.

Nokia e72

Tracks are categorised in basic music player fashion, and playback is controlled in the usual way via the D-pad, with cover art presented on the screen if available. No surprises there, then.

As we mentioned, a 4GB MicroSD card is included in-box, providing a decent amount of storage to be getting on with.

Nokia supplies the E72 with a headset that present quite a lively soundscape with decent mid- and high-range presentation and solid bass. It's loud too – the buds come with optional silica surrounds for a snug noise-diminishing fit.

Nokia e72

Usefully, the E72 has a 3.5mm standard headphone jack on the top, so any decent set of headphones can be whacked in for a further uplift in sound quality.

The loudspeaker is reasonable too for playback. All in all, not bad tune-playing for a business phone.

Should you wish to buy tunes online over the air, the Nokia E72 supports Nokia's Music Store service.

Nokia e72

A separate Music Search function offers the option of hunting through music files using voice recognition to find a track, artist, album or playlist.

Nokia e72

It worked surprisingly well for this sort of software, even if it wasn't always 100 per cent accurate.

An FM radio function is also built into the E72, playable with headphones attached as an antenna. Usefully it can download frequencies and details of local radio stations over the air as part of the regular set-up procedure. Alternatively, you can use auto or manual tuning if you prefer.

Nokia e72

It's simple to set up and operate, and the sound quality is perfectly acceptable through the ear-gear supplied.