Nokia E72 review

Will Nokia's QWERTY smartphone do the business?

Nokia E72
The definitive Nokia E72 review

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Any business-orientated phone has got to get the basics of voice calling right, and the Nokia E72 achieves a first rate performance on this score.

We found it reassuringly reliable in our tests, with excellent call clarity and audio delivery. Volume in the earpiece was sufficiently loud too, as was the ringer.

Tapping in new numbers was quick and easy; the number buttons are highlighted on the central part of the keyboard, so are swift to locate, even in low-light situations.

In standby mode, pressing the keys automatically brings up a number rather than the letter, so there's no fiddly button holding required if you're entering a new phone number.

Nokia e72

The phonebook offers a number of options to set up details for contacts stored on the phone. As well as the usual personal and professional details, you can assign a location for the contact using the Maps function.

Nokia e72

VoIP is supported on the E72 too, with a Vyke Mobile download offered in the service menu set-up menu.

Another useful calling feature is the facility to mute incoming call alerts simply by turning over the phone, a feature also found on Samsung phones like the Genio Slide. This option also works for sending alarms to snooze.

Nokia E72: Messaging

With its QWERTY keyboard, messaging is naturally high on the E72's priorities. As mentioned earlier, the QWERTY keypad is well crafted for fast messaging.

Nokia e72

Email is well catered for, with an inclusive subscription to the Nokia Messaging service enabling users to manage up to 10 email accounts with an easy-to-operate and intuitive desktop-style email interface.

This provides familiar drop-down menu options for managing email in folders and searching for messages.

Nokia e72

The set-up procedure is a breeze. The Nokia Messaging application has presets for several popular web-based email services, including Yahoo Mail, Google Mail, Hotmail, BT Internet and Nokia's own Ovi Mail service.

Nokia e72

Simply tapping in your account address and password is sufficient to set up the service for push email. And if you have other accounts with your internet service provider or other web-based mail service, the E72 can automatically set that up in a similarly easy way.

In addition, users can set up the phone to be used with corporate email, with Mail for Exchange and Lotus Notes Traveler support within the email configuration options.

Nokia e72

The Nokia Messaging email set-up naturally handles attachments, with Quickoffice software onboard providing document viewing and editing.

The email look and feel is a cut above most non-touchscreen devices and delivers a decent user experience.

The E72 supports Nokia's Chat instant messaging application enabling users to simultaneously run IM sessions across different services in one application.

Nokia e72

The Chat app allows you to sign on to Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk and Ovi, with updates on the home screen, tabs to switch between services within the Chat application, and detailed options to manage accounts.

All neatly done and very user-friendly to negotiate.

Regular text messaging works comfortably and conventionally for an S60 device. It's a breeze to use, and adding extra files to convert texts to MMS messages is suitably hassle-free.

The keyboard is cleanly laid out, with the numeric keys arranged in the central part of the pad, and it doesn't feel cluttered.

As well as the usual shift, symbol and control buttons, there are useful one-touch keys that, for example, switch Bluetooth on or off and which also engage the LED flash on the back panel as a flashlight.

It really is a pleasure to use, with a fast action on the rounded keys making for swift and true text inputting.