Motorola atrix

The back of the Motorola Atrix boasts of the camera's capabilities with a not-too-subtle 'HD Video' badge.

When it comes to shooting video, it doesn't disappoint either. The quality – either playing back on the Atrix or blown up on a large HD TV – is equally as stunning. In good light, it looks brilliant. Lower light is passable, though susceptible to a little noise.

Motorola atrix

Helpfully, you can enable the LED flash to help you in darker conditions, but the illumination only works if you're filming something that's close up. If you're filming, say, a large room, the light doesn't stretch more than a few inches, so you'll still have some lighting issues.

As with the still camera, there are some scene modes that you can use to assist in your shooting (Everyday, Outdoors and Concert) and again, you can use effects to change the video to black and white if you wish.

You can also shoot video on various modes from QVGA right up to 720p (which is set by default).

Motorola atrix

One nice touch is that when you select a video, if you'd like to send it by MMS, the Atrix asks if you'd like to resize it so it will fit within the size limit, and then fires up some video editing software.

This is helpful because the HD videos are huge compared to the 300KB or so limit that mobile networks impose, so it's a necessary feature that's sometimes overlooked.