Moto Z Force review

A seriously ambitious and shatterproof Android phone

Moto Z Force review
Moto Z Force review

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The battery is another department that gets a boost over the Moto Z. If you're looking for one spec to blame the increased thickness on, this is it.

Up from 2,600mAh in the Z, the Z Force carries 3,500mAh–a sizable increase. On paper, this capacity is supposed to yield 40 hours of mixed use before you need to find a charger.

During our testing, the Moto Z Force lives up to its claim. We were able to get about two full days of use before it needed to be recharged. Of course, "mixed use" is different for everyone. For us, a mix of texting, shooting photos and videos, and some light Pokemon Go gaming was just fine to reach the mark.

Moto Z Force

Thankfully, when you do need to stop for a charge, it won't be for long. The TurboPower charging capability tapped by the included power adapter is said to give you 15 hours of juice in just 15 minutes. If you have 20 minutes to spare, you'll bring it up 50%. These figures vary a bit depending on how much of a charge your phone has, but it's super fast nevertheless.

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