LG Spectrum review

It broadens Verizon's 4G LTE selection, but can it topple the competition?

LG Spectrum
A sleek LG phone with 4G - but is it any good?

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The video recording function of the LG Spectrum sports a similar interface to that of the camera, and it allows you to shoot 1080p footage to your MicroSD card.

Curiously, the video camera includes no option to either manually or automatically focus the image, leaving you with only the stock option, which does a good job at capturing wide shots and subjects at some distance.

LG spectrum

That's fine in many scenarios, but if you're planning on capturing something up close or intend to move the camera while shooting, chances are you'll end up with blurry segments.

Moreover, the footage we shot – even with strong lighting – didn't always look quite as clear as hoped when viewed on a larger display than that of the phone. The clips are decently detailed in parts, but elsewhere appear grainy. It's just not as consistently sharp as we'd expect from 1080p footage.

LG spectrum

In addition to Full HD (1920x1088), you can shoot in HD (1280x720), TV (720x480), VGA (640x480), QVGA (320x340), and QCIF (176x144) settings, the last two of which are designated for MMS messages.

The same white balance and color effect settings from the camera side are present here, as well, along with the option to mute audio recording while filming. Additionally, the LED back light can be toggled on and off to assist with low-light filming.