LG prada 3 0 review

You'd expect a handset such as the LG Prada 3.0 to be great for media playback given the price and prestige attached.

It certainly supports plenty of formats, with audio file support running to MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, EC3 and DTS. It can play videos stored as MPEG4, H.264 and DivX files. We were able to watch a range of movie trailers, and in full screen mode they looked great.

Sound output for the higher quality videos was impressive. Our headphones delivered depth of sound and background noises we can fail to get from other handsets.

Strong audio plus the fact that this smartphone has a 4.3-inch screen means we'd be happier to watch video on the LG Prada 3.0 than on many other smartphones.

LG prada 3 0 review

Oh, and when you run the video player it automatically offers a link to SmartShare - LG's DLNA app - just in case you want to stream it off to your PC or something. We tried this and it worked perfectly first time in both directions. If only all DLNA were this easy.

Music playback too, is a very positive experience.

With 8GB of internal storage, there's lots of space on the LG Prada 3.0 for tunes and video, and the microSD card slot under the backplate can add plenty more.

The music player has a nice black and white skin. It was singularly disinterested in finding our album art, but this didn't matter much to us, because yet again the sound quality was excellent. There was even an equaliser that actually made a difference to what we heard - which is a rarity on many handsets.

LG prada 3 0 review

The music player has a sleep timer - a neat feature that means you can relax to your favourite tunes and not have to worry about reaching for your phone if your eyelids droop.

And, just as with the video player, there's a link to SmartShare in the music player, for DLNA action.

LG prada 3 0 review

There is an FM radio on the LG Prada 3.0 that auto-scans and adds stations to its library, storing up to 48 stations. These are listed in bunches of six at the bottom of the screen.

A great feature is that you can move stations up and down this list so that your favourites are at the top and show first in those groups of six.

LG prada 3 0 review

We'd have liked the ability to record from the radio, but sadly it's not here.