LG prada 3 0 review

LG has equipped the Prada 3.0 with a 1540mAh battery, which seems generously sized, and we'd hoped it would perform well.

But the large screen and 1GHz dual-core processor are high maintenance, and we found we needed to charge the battery mid-way through the day if we played an hour or so of music and did a bit of GPS-based activity during the morning.

You could probably eke a day out of it, but the LG Prada 3.0 is likely to demand a mid-afternoon battery charge if you like to listen to music on your commute, keep your social networks updated and keep Wi-Fi running constantly. This is all middle of the road stuff, but we felt we had to err on the side of caution more than we'd have liked.

LG prada 3 0 review

Connectivity options are plentiful, with Wi-Fi supporting b, g, and n connections, Bluetooth 3.0 and A-GPS at the core.

We've already mentioned DLNA, and it is really, really easy to use.

An added bonus comes in the shape of Near Field Communications (NFC), which you ought to be able to use more and more as the year grows older.

A notable absence is HDMI. With 1080p video recording, a mini HDMI connector would have been a great addition.