LG prada 3 0 review

With Wi-Fi and HSDPA (3G+) on board, browsing the internet wherever you happen to be isn't a problem with the LG Prada 3.0.

Indeed, the HSDPA is very impressive, supporting 21Mbps download speeds. We often see handsets supporting just 7.2Mbps. There's some future-proofing here, then.

The screen, too, bodes well for the internet. The 4.3-inch screen delivers 800 x 480 pixels, which is good, but not market leading. The iPhone 4S, don't forget, packs 960 x 640 pixels into a 3.5-inch screen, and as a result delivers great precision and image clarity.

Still, the full version of the TechRadar home page loaded in around 20 seconds over Wi-Fi, and when we switched to HSDPA it took 34 seconds to resolve.

LG prada 3 0 review

There's nice smooth pinch to zoom, double-tap zoom, and text reflowing on the double-tap zoom gesture. You really do get a lot of screen space in which to browse and read text.

LG prada 3 0 review

The browser can cope with multiple pages, and there's a nice carousel for sweeping between them.

There's no problem with Flash support here, either, and we found watching streamed video in full screen mode was really rewarding. There's no stuttering, and sound quality - while not wonderful - is perfectly passable.

Sound quality improved immensely for us when we attached headphones - although we can't speak for those that come with the LG Prada 3.0 itself, since our review sample was supplied without any.

LG prada 3 0 review

LG has added a Read It Later link in the web browser. You might think this works a bit like the popular app, saving web pages for you to read at your leisure when on or offline.

But no. Things you've marked for reading later are actually fetched from the web when you select them.

When we went into airplane mode and tried to read something later, we got the dreaded 'Web page not available' screen.

LG prada 3 0 review

Of course, there's a YouTube app too, and we have the same positive comments about the wide screen and capable processor with YouTube as we do with the web browser. It's fast, and a pleasure to use.