Reviewing a watch phone is a tricky prospect, as so many of the usual features and elements we look for are obviously not going to be here.

But that doesn't stop it being something very different, and we like to at least have something different to play with.

We liked

The GD910 Watch Phone has a lot of cool features, namely the fact it's a watch and a phone combined. The sleek design was quite surprising, as well as the low weight on the wrist, and the battery kept going far longer than we expected.

The touchscreen is excellent too, probably only because it has to deal with 1.43-inches of touch area, but it still gave great accuracy when texting and trying to find a contact in the list.

We disliked

There aren't a huge range of features on the GD910 Watch Phone, and if you run out of Bluetooth power then you're stuck looking like a fool chatting to your wrist.

1.43-inches of touchscreen isn't enough either, and despite looking sleek on the wrist it could do with being a little bit larger. Another annoying problem is not being able to keep the backlight on and have one of the cool clocks illuminated day to day, instead of heading to the standby mode all the time.


The LG GD910 Watch Phone is, ultimately, a ridiculous device, as a phone on your wrist isn't the most practical idea.

However, we can't help but like it because it just is really cool - it's a watch phone for crying out loud, the sort of device you'd design in school when asked to make your ultimate gadget (we're waiting for the next generation that spits out biscuits, then the dream is complete).

It's 'only' £500 as well, which might sound a lot for a pared down phone, but it's a lot less than the £1,000 on contract we were expecting.

The LG GD910 Watch Phone isn't going to be the best seller of the year, and the price will probably only attract people with enough money to waste on casual trinkets, but it's a decent effort and one that will hopefully spawn better devices in the future.