Kogan Mini 8-inch tablet review

An iPad Mini in size, but not price

Kogan 8-inch

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What we like

Kogan spends its money well, putting together a tablet where the most important bits are the best bits, with particular attention paid on sourcing a good LCD display.

In many ways, there isn't too much difference in using the Mini 8-inch tablet, and using any other tablet with the Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android (despite this tablet running on Jelly Bean). It is fast, responsive, and powerful enough to take advantage of the multitudes of Android apps available.

What we don't like

While the physical design is functional, it doesn't look or feel like a premium product. But then, it isn't priced like one either, so we wouldn't let this stop you from buying one.

The bare-bones Android approach won't appeal to everyone, and many will not see the empty homescreens as a blank canvas to build on, but as an empty box that Kogan has forgotten to fill with fun, techy goodness.

Also, the decision to go with mini-HDMI, rather than the vastly more popular micro-HDMI will bother some people, especially those who already own micro-HDMI cables.


It's hard to see the Kogan 8-inch tablet as anything other than an amazing bargain. It may not have the trimmings of the tablets from the bigger brands, the stylus pens or Retina displays, but it does offer the basics for a very reasonable price, and more than enough power to let the user build on this with their favourite apps.