iPad 3 review

Sharper screen, faster innards - but is it worth the update?

new iPad 3 review
The definitive new iPad 3 review

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The gaming element of the iPad 3 has been enhanced once more with the addition of the A5X chip, which was not the quad core A6 chip we though Apple would be launching.

However, the A5X does come with quad-core graphical capabilities, which the Cupertino brand is promising will out-do the likes of the nVidia Tegra 3 chip, which is fully quad core, when it comes to gaming.

New iPad 3 review

We've given a few games the run around to see if the iPad 3 can really give the likes of the PS Vita, and even consoles themselves, a run for their money.

Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy

This is meant to be one of those games that really push the iPad 3 to its limits, allowing users to really experience visuals on the Retina Display that can match and even beat the likes of the PS3 and Xbox.

New iPad 3 review

Well, in reality, that's a pretty lofty claim that's not really managed. Sure, it looks great on the screen, but the gameplay and even the graphics aren't the best we've even seen - there was an obvious amount of polygons flying around at times, and the smoothness of the app wasn't as 'buttery' as we've seen on other titles.

On the iPad 4 it's a different story - that's definitely the model to get if you want the best Apple can offer for gaming on the go.


This is more the sort of application that really benefits from a tablet screen and the Retina Display - lining up enemies for the that all-important head shot was much easier than on the iPad 2, with the improved contrast ratio really making it easier to set up the snipe.

New iPad 3 review

Eliminate: Gun Range

This is one of the first titles to really make use of the gyroscope in iOS devices, and it's still a great way to test the gameplay of the additional sensor.

The iPad 3 doesn't really have the accuracy of the iPhone though when it comes to being tilted this way and that for game play, plus it's a more cumbersome beast so getting your shots lined up can be a little more difficult than you'd hope.

New iPad 3 review

Angry Birds

No gaming section on an Apple device would be complete without looking at the old classic, and it's hard to find a bad word to say about the HD version of the game. The larger graphics already look great on the tablet, and the game play is flawless with that much RAM and computing power behind it.

New iPad 3 review

We're really hoping that a Retina Display version of Angry Birds makes its way to the App Store soon, as we could do with a side by side comparison to see how much better flinging the feathered offenders towards little green pigs is with more pixels to gawp at.

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