Ci65m Wireless Notebook Mouse

A notebook mouse that's not a pain to use

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Our Verdict

An excellent mouse for use when you're out and about


  • Precise

    Comfortable use

    Good battery life


  • Design not to all tastes

We weren't expecting much from this notebook squeaker. After all, most notebook mice have terrible sensitivity, poor detection on anything but a textured surface, and entirely fail to fit the human hand.

Kensington seems to have deftly hopped over all of those problems, creating a mouse that boasts 1,000dpi detection, happily dealt with our bland desk surfaces and, shock horror, didn't cause the debilitating condition of notebook mouse-claw.

Battery life is excellent, and it even has a natty underside clip for the wireless reciever which switches the mouse off when it's packed away.

The Ci65m's best used by people toting gaming laptops who fancy blasting through an FPS on the train, and it's entirely capable of maintaining your kill average.

Our only gripe is the slightly-too-kinky-for-our-tastes rubberised finish, but it won't cause sleepless nights. If you work or play on the go, this is an affordable godsend.