MSI AG240 All-in-One review

Put the kids to bed, this all-in-one gaming PC ain't exactly 'family friendly'

MSI AG240 all-in-one review

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At its best, the AG240 is a mold-breaking product – a touchscreen-equipped gaming all-in-one with the ability to run this year's best games. It's novel, sharp and well-executed to be sure.

Its specs spell out in crystal clear letters that this is a gaming machine to contend with, though at $1,699, it's one of the more expensive options out there. My only real gripe about the AG240 is that you're getting less power per dollar than the competition. Spending $1,700 on a proper desktop would net you significantly better parts that would exponentially boost the fidelity of your gaming experience.

MSI AG240 all-in-one review

We liked

First and foremost, the sleek, slim red and black design is a winner. At one-inch thin, MSI squeezes in some incredibly high-end components into the AG240's case while leaving room for great extras like, a Blu-ray drive. This is supported by strong software, like the Killer Network Manager and six month trial of XSplit Gamecaster.

Plus, after using the exceptionally responsive touchscreen for the past two weeks, it will be near impossible to go back to a regular LED screen.

We disliked

What I won't miss about the AG240, however, is the highly reflective, anti-flicker screen. While it may reduce the amount of irritating blue light, it doesn't do a great job of eliminating glare. It sounds like a minor problem, but an ill-placed glare can easily ruin a perfectly planned afternoon.

And while the gaming all-in-one made for a novel concept, it's moderately more expensive than a standard desktop PC. You're getting a user-friendly touchscreen, sure, but most gamers I know would agree that the extra cash could be better spent buying a higher-end GPU.

MSI AG240 all-in-one review

Final verdict

The AG240 isn't perfect, and it doesn't pretend to be. The touchscreen gaming all-in-one is a concept still in its infancy – but if MSI's machine is any indication, has a long future ahead of it.

You can expect to play last year's games on their higher settings without worrying about what's coming down the pipeline; the AG240 will be able to handle it. That said, it's a tad expensive for what you get, and suffers from some severe reflection issues. If you can put up with the glare, and are looking for something a little easier to use than most desktops, the AG240 is it.

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