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Palit 8500GT Super+ 1GB review

Does 1GB of video memory equal a better performance?

Is 1GB of video memory as good as it sounds?


  • Low price
  • Decent HD performance


  • Pointless 1GB of video memory
  • Unimpressive performance

Should you ever need proof that just stuffing more memory down a GPU's throat doesn't really help a lame processor perform any better then just take a look at the utterly pointless 8500GT Super+.

Look, it's got a whole 1GB of video memory. Wow, now we're never going to experience bottle-necking due to the lack of memory ever again... Mainly, though, because you'll be so firmly wedged into the choke points created by the sub-standard chip that's trying to push those pixels about.

Underwhelming performance

Sure it does the high-def dance with NVIDIA's PureVideo technology, but to be honest that's not really going to be taking much advantage of the frankly ludicrous amounts of video memory rammed onto the PCB.

As for gaming, well, even at 1,280x1,024, we barely managed to squeak out just over 15fps from Company of Heroes. Not really going to set the world alight then, is it, even at that price?

In conclusion, while the 8500GT Super+ most definitely is a cheap option, you're not going to thank yourself for forking out any hard-earned cash on this lump of silicon -and the 1GB sticker on the box isn't going to make up for it.