Samsung Lapfit SyncMaster LD190 review

Samsung's LD190 Lapfit fully portable screen is a simple solution to working on the move

Samsung Lapfit SyncMaster LD190
Samsung's LD190 Lapfit is a fantastic screen for presenting on the go

TechRadar Verdict

Perfect for portable presentations, this monitor could really fill a need


  • +

    USB and VGA connectivity

  • +

    Good value

  • +

    Decent size


  • -

    19" isn't that portable really

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As a portable display for netbooks or laptops, the Samsung LD190 is a semi-success. While the pop-out stand makes it easier to transport, it's still a 19in monitor, so it's never going to be really convenient.

However, the software provided is easy to use and helpfully allows you to rotate the screen. Our gripe here is that the pop-out stand doesn't swivel and there are no rubber feet on the side, so you'll need to find a wall to balance it against. Still, that's preferable to not supporting rotation at all.

Aside from that there are few problems. As a primary monitor, the LD190's specifications make it suitable for browsing the net and watching films. You could pay less for a similar screen, but you'd also be giving up the LD190's best feature: the ability to connect via USB.

This makes it perfect as a third display or part of an array of screens, because it doesn't need a second graphics card or VGA extender. Finally you can build that computer command centre you've dreamed of.

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