Flashback Express review

A free screen recorder that's flexible and amazingly easy to use

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Our Verdict

If you're looking for a screen recorder, it's tough to choose between FlashBack Express and OBS Studio. If you're relatively new to making your own videos FlashBack is the better choice thanks to its more streamlined interface and straightforward settings.


  • Simple, clear interface
  • Dedicated gaming settings
  • No time limits or watermarks


  • Requires a free key

Flashback Express is a free screen recorder from the charmingly named Blueberry Software, and it’s a great little tool for capturing footage from your desktop ready to share online. Unlike some free screen recorders, it won’t leave unsightly watermarks on your videos, and doesn’t impose time limits on recordings.

Flashback Express

Download here: Flashback Express

Developer: Blueberry Software

Operating system: Windows 

Version: 5

Flashback Express can record audio and sound from your desktop, or a webcam and microphone, making it an excellent choice for vlogs as well as software demonstrations, walkthroughs, let’s play videos and tutorials.

Flashback Express lacks some of the Pro version’s more advanced features, including the ability to edit video and audio frame by frame, add picture-in-picture video and annotations, and save your clips to your PC in formats other than WMV. That’s certainly not a deal-breaker though, and if you want full control over your recordings you’ll get great results using a separate free video editor like Shotcut or Lightworks afterwards.

Developer Blueberry Software also has a screen recorder designed specifically for games – FBX. This recorder captures HD in-game footage, with hardware acceleration for AMD and Nvidia graphics cards, and Intel CPUs.

User experience

It takes a few minutes to get FlashBack Express installed and running, but it’s well worth the effort. Before downloading the installer you’ll be asked to specify how you’re planning to use it (for gaming, hobbies, student projects etc), and to provide an email address so the company can send you a license key. Don’t worry if you’re told it’s a trial license – this is a mistake. You can use FlashBack Express offline for a week, after which it needs to connect to the internet to verify the key.

Although FlashBack Express isn’t as feature-packed as OBS Studio, its interface is much less intimidating for new users. For basic recordings, just decide whether you want to record from your screen (the full display, a specific window or a custon region) or your webcam, pick an audio source and hit the Record button.

That might be all you need, but the real beauty of FlashBack Express is its scheduled recording, which lets you begin capturing your screen at a certain time and date, or when a particular program is run. This means you don’t capture footage of yourself starting the recorder and launching the game or other program that you want to record. You can also stop the recording automatically after a certain time, or when the program being recorded closes – a great way to avoid creating enormous, unwieldy video files.

Additional options include the ability to use a custom resolution while recording, use a plain desktop background, hide icons, and limit the file size for recordings. You can even define the FPS for game recordings, choose the recording quality, or let FlashBack Express determine these settings itself.

Although FlashBack Express is less powerful than its paid-for counterpart, it’s an outstanding screen recorder – and it’s free.

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