Binatone Carrera T430 review

Despite its mid-range credentials, this sat-nav device still manages to impress

Binatone Carrera T430
The main menu on the Carrera is not as intuitive as those found on TomTom devices, but it's easy to use once you get the hang of it

TechRadar Verdict

For all its handy features and speediness, this sat nav is great value for money


  • +

    Fast and responsive

  • +

    Bright screen

  • +

    Clear maps

  • +

    Reversing camera


  • -

    Not as intuitive to use as some rivals

  • -

    Requires separate charger

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The Binatone Carrera T430 (£199 inc. VAT) is a mid-range sat nav device with a comprehensive range of features.

The display measures 4.3-inches, and is both bright and clear. Those with larger fingers will also be happy to find a stylus, making it easy to enter text.

The edges of the screen are lined with shortcut buttons, enabling you to zoom and change the angle from a first-person perspective to a bird's-eye view. You'll also be able to control Bluetooth devices and turn off the sound when needed.

Easy to follow

Destinations can be entered by address, postcode or Points of Interest (POI). Tapping the map brings up the nearest POI, with the address and phone number also displayed.

With Bluetooth built in for mobile phone connectivity, you can even choose to dial any highlighted phone numbers directly.

The maps are large and clear, with mapping for the UK and Ireland provided. With an SD card reader on the left-hand side of the device, it's also easy to upgrade to European mapping, although prices hadn't been confirmed as we went to press. We found the system located satellites quickly.

Separate charger

The main menu is not as intuitive as those found on TomTom devices, but it's easy to use once you get the hang of it. As with rival sat-navs, an ambient light sensor switches the maps between night and day modes, dimming the screen to reduce reflections when it's dark.

Unfortunately, the Binatone is powered by a proprietary connection – rather than a regular mini-USB cable. This means you'll have to carry a separate AC adapter if you want to charge it when it's connected to your laptop.

Reversing camera

Powering the reversing camera is a case of connecting it to your car's reverse lights – it's simple in theory, as there are only two wires. In practice, it's better if you solder the wires in place and, although there are comprehensive instructions, we'd advise you to seek professional help.

Once connected, the power from your reverse lights activates the camera automatically, switching the T430's screen wirelessly from sat-nav mode to a concave view of the outside world. It's a neat feature, but the camera itself isn't the most subtle, and judging distances can be tricky.

Located in the centre of the car, the camera also creates a couple of blind spots, so it's worth checking over your shoulder before reversing.

The menus aren't as easy to use as some rivals, but once you get used to it the Binatone Carrera T430 is an impressive device. The reversing camera may not be a must-have feature, but it can come in useful.

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