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Smart fleet tracking from a well-established UK outfit

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RAM Tracking’s services are well-suited for fleet companies of all sizes. While the company does not list its pricing and contract details online, it does have detailed training material available on its website, and provides a good level of customer support.


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    Software boasts an intuitive interface

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    Guides and online explainer videos

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    Impressive support and live training


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    No pricing and contract details online

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RAM Tracking (opens in new tab) is a British company that offers cloud-based fleet management services to enterprise customers. Founded in 2004, RAM Tracking has served over 9,500 customers by providing GPS tracking solutions to over 75,000 vehicles.

The company is known for providing smart vehicle tracking systems, dash cameras and software that helps businesses in managing their fleets efficiently. Thanks to an in-house development team, RAM Tracking is able to offer customized solutions based on the requirements of a business, and is able to offer regular updates on the software that it provides.

The company collects a wide range of data with the help of various sensors. This data is useful in providing deeper insights to business owners, helping them stay on top of their fleet operations. Unlike other fleet management companies, RAM Tracking allows customers to access their data at any point for up to three years, as it is stored on cloud servers.

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Like quite a few other fleet management solution providers, RAM Tracking does not list its pricing and contract details on its website clearly. Businesses are expected to connect directly with the company to get a quote tailored to their requirements. However, the website does mention that RAM Tracking offers a range of services and products that will suit most businesses.

Going by a few online reviews left by customers, we can assume that RAM Tracking offers long-term contracts of 3, 4 and 5-years in length. There is no mention of a monthly or short-term contract. Some users have hinted that this is one of the cheapest enterprise-grade fleet management solutions on offer, which is good to hear; but you will only really find out when you get a quote from RAM Tracking directly.

There is no mention of the minimum number of vehicles required to be eligible for RAM Tracking’s fleet management solution. However, the company does offer the services of experts to install the hardware inside vehicles, the cost of which is included in the contract.

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RAM Tracking is a smart fleet management service provider that not only offers real-time fleet tracking (opens in new tab) but also helps in ensuring that all your assets are in the best of health to operate efficiently.

The company claims that it works in conjunction with clients closely by helping them manage their fleet efficiently, ensuring that compliance requirements are met and fleet management goals are achieved.

Some of the features of RAM Tracking’s solution are:

  • Fleet tracking
  • Hardware
  • Compliance management
  • Asset tracking
  • Field service and scheduling

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RAM Tracking’s telematics solution offers a 24/7 tracking facility that maintains a thorough history of the vehicle’s movement even during non-business hours, thus reducing the scope for asset misuse and fuel wastage.

The software RAM Tracking offers helps businesses in creating efficient routing plans, cutting down the admin time required in route planning and other activities. It also ensures driver safety by keeping a check on the vehicle’s speed, plus the software provides accurate ETAs for better client satisfaction, enabling re-routing options, accurate client billing and more.

Drivers often follow their favorite route regardless of whether it is the most fuel and time-efficient one, potentially delaying deliveries as well as incurring extra expenses. RAM Tracking not only helps the operators to create routes efficiently but it also helps them in ensuring that drivers follow the assigned route.

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Other key features are:

  • Tracking: While this is a basic feature of any vehicle tracking solution, RAM Tracking offers an easy to use interface that makes vehicle tracking a snap for everyone. Its software refreshes once every 60 seconds keeping operators informed about the vehicle’s location, and shows the vital details of all drivers like Driver ID, vehicle registration details, speed of the vehicle, the direction it is following and more. Quick reports like the vehicle’s mileage on a daily, weekly or monthly basis can be accessed at any time from the software.
  • Compliance and safety: The solution helps drivers maintain important documents and communications on the cloud and reduces the need for paperwork. Documents like proof of delivery can be shared with operators directly ensuring ETAs are met. It allows departments like HR and others to run reports for hours worked. The software alerts drivers in case they are not following any regulatory guidelines like journey time without rest and other policies.
  • Reports: RAM Tracking offers detailed reports on various aspects of the fleet. Reports like timesheets, financial reports, and more help decision-makers identify the assets that need replacement, or drivers that need coaching on their driving behaviors (or the ones that need to be rewarded for efficient driving).
  • Geo-fencing: One of the most basic yet essential features of RAM Tracking is the ability to create a geo-fenced area around a vehicle. Every time an asset/vehicle enters or exits the geo-fenced area, the system alerts admins to the asset’s location. The software also sends immediate alerts based on incidents like a crash, harsh braking or sharp turns, helping ensure the safety of drivers and vehicles alike.

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RAM Tracking offers support via a direct helpline number, email, and an online form. It has quite a few videos, blogs, FAQs and other training material for customers to solve basic queries around the use of the software, and generally better understand the product.

RAM Tracking’s social media channels also seem to be active with regular tweets and posts on its official Facebook page.

Final verdict

RAM Tracking's software is easy to use and the intuitive interface helps admins track vehicles efficiently. Feedback left by users on various websites seems to be positive about the service, albeit with a few mentions of some occasional cloud sync issues.

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