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The best GPS fleet tracking solutions make managing your car fleet and other mobile assets quick and straightforward.

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Since the emergence of satellite GPS technology, which offers data tracking along with cloud computing services, fleet tracking has really never been simpler—everything you need can now be found in a single user-friendly software-as-a-service platform.

As a result, GPS fleet tracking has become a crucial tool for managing a company's automobile assets. Monitoring, maintenance management and tracking, status reports, fuel efficiency, and driving behavior are all made possible via telematics. Additionally, the data gathered can aid in meeting federal and state compliance requirements.

Based on the installation of hardware inside cars for data collection, the majority of fleet tracking solutions provide the same extensive services. Although some services have more complicated requirements, this can be as easy as plugging a device into the car's on-board diagnostic (OBD) II port. To record, monitor, and manage the vehicle, this data can then be shown in a single dashboard of software.

Typically, this will contain the vehicle's location, which will include precise information provided via GPS data. Additionally, it can provide feedback on how the car is operated and highlight undesirable driving habits like speeding, hard braking, or excessive acceleration that could wear down the car prematurely or even potentially endanger nearby traffic or pedestrians.

Additionally, there are data sets that are often also captured, including fuel efficiency, time tracking, route monitoring to assist with delivery estimations and other company operations, engine diagnostics, and the driver's hours of service for Electronic Logging Device (ELD) compliance. This data can be delivered at regular intervals or via real-time bursts. In case of a possible issue, email or text alerts can even be sent from the vehicle for true real-time communication.

Different vendors provide varying feature sets. Here, we'll list the best options among our GPS fleet tracking solutions.

We've also featured the best fleet management software and services.

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Samsara offers a unified platform for fleet management, with live GPS tracking that gives you real-time insights. But it goes beyond simple GPS tracking with options for dash cams, route optimization, wireless sensors for refrigeration, and an app for digitizing the delivery process. 

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GPSWOX is a  robust, customizable fleet management solution which is available globally. Techradar finds it is cost-effective, feature-rich, and user friendly.  <a href="" data-link-merchant=""" data-link-merchant=""">Start today with a free quote. 

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The best GPS fleet tracking solutions of 2024 in full:

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Best overall

(Image credit: US Fleet Tracking)
For tracking with multiple hardware options

Reasons to buy

Multiple hardware options
Traffic and weather mapping

Vehicle tracking system provider and manufacturer US Fleet Tracking supplies a variety of hardware choices to suit various vehicle requirements. They offer both basic "snap and track" wireless devices and variants with three-wire connections, along with a variety of accessories. 

Additionally, US Fleet Tracking provides its own cloud-based software platform, which may be accessed from a desktop or mobile device and requires no downloading of software. In addition to a number of typical capabilities, the software offers real-time traffic and weather updates on the given map, so you can prepare for hazardous road conditions.

It also offers mileage and geofencing functions, as well as notifications for the ignition, speed, and idle consumption. Together, these things make it simple to protect your assets, stop driver fraud, and cut down on fuel waste.

Despite the fact that US Fleet Tracking gives a variety of hardware choices that must be purchased up front, all of them operate under one of two plans: The first offers updates every 10 seconds while the vehicle is in use, while the second offers updates every 5 seconds.

For more information, read our full US Fleet Tracking review.

Best global provider

Website screenshot for GPSWOX

(Image credit: GPSWOX)
Advanced fleet tracking technology

Reasons to buy

Global availability
Customizable solution

Reasons to avoid

Mobile apps are chargeable
Additional Google Maps fee
Lack of direct phone support

Headquartered in the UK, GPWOX serves fleets in over 120 countries globally. GPSWOX can track all sorts of cargo and vehicles, going beyond cars and trucks to include the cargo, boats, and even bicycles.

Unlike some of its competition, GPSWOX provides pricing via its Lite plan, which starts at a single vehicle being tracked at $2.99/month (paid annually). There are also more commercial-oriented plans that start at $99/month for up to 100 assets.

Its features are decent, including geofencing, with notifications when an asset is brought outside of the expected area. There are also downloadable reports, along with real-time fuel data for savings.

While 24/7 email support is available for the product, not having a direct phone number to call in case of an issue is an area for improvement.

Overall, GPSWOX is a solid entry into the fleet management market. We find it a good choice for businesses with international operations given its global presence.

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Best comprehensive solution

(Image credit: Samsara)
The comprehensive digital tracking solution

Reasons to buy

Plug and play install
Dash cams available
Driver audio warnings

Samsara provides a single fleet management platform that goes beyond basic GPS tracking to include options for dash cams, wireless sensors for refrigeration, and a documents app for digitizing the delivery process.

The GPS fleet tracking system aims to simplify maintenance while providing the opportunity to boost production and cut labor and fuel expenses. This is accomplished through a number of features, not the least of which is real-time traffic and route analytics, which helps to choose the most effective routes by avoiding gridlock and traffic. The ability to send engine diagnostics in real time with code alerts for specific defects also makes it possible to automate routine checks while also making it simpler to avoid delays.

Samsara also sells dash cams for you to keep an eye on driver conduct. The cameras can record HD video, which is then instantly transmitted to the cloud, and when dangerous situations are spotted, they can also playback pre-programmed audible alerts. The ability to monitor the temperature around refrigerated goods is another benefit. This information may be included in the proof of delivery, and alarms can be set off if the temperature fluctuates outside of the desired range.

Documents can be electronically scanned or signed when products are delivered. It is possible to design custom forms with drag-and-drop capabilities, which makes it simpler to automate back-office functions to process orders.

Overall, Samsara provides a wealth of fleet management features that may be purchased as a package or as individual services, capable of managing any work-time exclusions that might apply to your company while maintaining your ELD compliance.

To find out more, read our full Samsara review.

Best for safety

(Image credit: Geotab)
Geo-tracking fleet management

Reasons to buy

Safety reporting
Comprehensive features
Custom rules and reporting

With an emphasis on the vital areas of productivity, safety, fleet optimization, and compliance, Geotab provides an effective GPS fleet management system. By giving you a near-field communication fob, it offers precise and thorough trip logging and enables you to distinguish between various vehicle drivers. Together, these ensure fuel efficiency and route optimization while also making it simpler to track journeys at any time using both real-time data and previous data.

Geotab also emphasizes driver safety and provides risk and safety scores based on a variety of driving behaviors, such as the use of seat belts, speeding, degree of cornering, and use of a vehicle after hours. To make sure that traffic regulations are followed, actual speeds can also be displayed against routes with speed limits. These can be used to reduce the number of avoidable accident and injury claims. Alerts are given in the event of a real collision, and a backup memory system can offer thorough details on the conduct of the driver prior to the event.

Geotab also offers customization options, enabling you to set up and change custom rules so that, in cases where conditions are expected to vary, not all drivers and all routes will be handled equally. The same holds true for data reports, which let you use analytics to delve deeper into your data to search for actionable insights.

Overall, Geotab offers one of the more extensive feature sets among the businesses featured, and the service complies with ELD.

Check out more in our full Geotab review.

Best for reports

(Image credit: GPS Trackit)
GPS tracking and reporting solution

Reasons to buy

Mobile apps
Asset tracking
Temperature zone monitoring
Multiple reports available

GPS Trackit provides a fleet management software with real-time vehicle tracking, numerous reports, alarms for theft detection or unlawful movements, temperature monitoring of cargo, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration compliance, and the ability to track from virtually anywhere.

With the ability to display car locations, geofencing, trip histories, vehicle trails, and traffic overlays for current trips, the software leverages Google Maps to display vehicle positions and vehicle locations with geofencing. You can choose to highlight a certain car or display all of the vehicle locations at once. 

Additionally, there are in-depth reports that can be used with vehicle usage and driver behavior statistics to provide improved insights for enhanced planning of operations. This includes the information provided to drivers regarding ELD compliance. The capacity to monitor various truck zones, which can be especially helpful for mixed loads, and to ensure food transport compliance also applies to cargo temperature. 

In order to know where all of your large pieces of equipment are, to be alerted to theft, and to proceed with recovery as needed, GPS Trackit also offers another useful feature—GPS asset tracking.

Overall, GPS Trackit is yet another thorough solution that covers all the essential elements of fleet tracking services, while adding a few more capabilities on top.

For more information, read our full GPSTrackit review.

More fleet tracking software solutions

There are many suppliers who offer fleet tracking solutions because of recent technological advancements, including cloud-based software development and GPS tracking.

Here, we'll cover some additional companies worth considering.

With a variety of configurable software solutions that enable a variety of alert and reporting options, Verizon Connect provides an all-inclusive fleet management platform thatoffers field service management, asset tracking, and automated Hours of Service, ELD, and Driver Vehicle Inspection Report compliance.

NexTraq offers more services than just asset and vehicle tracking, including but not limited to supplying GPS, compliance, and mobile workforce management. Along with the standard fleet tracking options, its features include automatic driver assignment, dispatching, routing, time schedules, and time attendance. A dash cam option is also available for recording driving data.

On top of the standard foundation of fleet tracking services, Teletrac Navman focuses on a fleet management software that promises to assist in lowering operating expenses while enhancing driver safety. While driver safety analytics can be produced via telematics, dash cams, and benchmark data, site management software enables a decrease in overhead costs.

Another significant fleet tracking software option is Azuga Fleet, which provides a comprehensive coverage of telematics to facilitate fleet safety and asset and fleet tracking. The driver reward functionality is an intriguing extra tool that they offer. It is simple to access from the program and enables one-click rewards to encourage safe driving behaviors, as well as excellent staff behavior, to achieve these goals. 

We've also featured the best fleet management software.

GPS fleet tracking FAQs

Which of the best GPS trackers is right for me?

The majority of fleet management software suppliers provide a range of trackers. Although these devices may also benefit from more durable housing and waterproofing, low-cost trackers will transmit less frequently and are better suited to vehicles that tend to remain on a given spot for extended periods of time, like construction equipment, rather than vehicles on the highway.

More advanced models will also have functions like integrated geofencing and speed notifications, useful for taxi and delivery companies.

Although battery-powered and wireless trackers tend to have a higher cost, they’re a better choice for businesses with multiple types of vehicles to provide easy interoperability.

How we tested the best fleet management software

Our choice of which fleet management providers to highlight was influenced by a number of important aspects. In order to determine which providers are appropriate for different budgets depending on various features and trackers, we first looked at cost. This enables us to give you the service that best suits your requirements- without going over budget.

Following that, we contrasted important aspects like route optimization, driver profiles, and safety measures as well as special and practical extras like dashcam integration, geofencing, and employee time management to simplify payroll processing.

Finally, we examined the various customer service and support options. This involved looking at the options to get support, both direct contact and self help content, and also reaching out to user support in an anonymous manner to learn more about their expertise, responsiveness, and friendliness.

Read how we test, rate, and review products on TechRadar.

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