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GPSWOX review

A trustworthy fleet management solution

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Our Verdict

A robust fleet management solution which is user-friendly, and it's available globally too.


  • Cost-effective
  • Feature-rich
  • Global availability
  • Customizable solution


  • Mobile apps are chargeable

GPSWOX is a global fleet management company that provides GPS fleet tracking and fleet management solutions for both enterprise and consumers. Founded in 2012, the company is based in the UK, in London to be precise. 

The company has customers in over 120 countries across the globe, and provides GPS tracking services for a wide range of moving assets like cargo, trucks, or delivery vans, through to consumer products like boats, bikes and so forth. 

The company primarily offers simple yet effective vehicle tracking software that works with almost any GPS tracker that’s available in the market, giving companies the freedom to use the hardware they already own. Its software offers precise vehicle location monitoring, efficient management functions like fleet dispatch, fleet monitoring, and helps ensure the safety of drivers and vehicles thus optimizing the costs involved in running and managing a commercial fleet.

Unlike most other companies, GPSWOX also offers white-label cloud-based vehicle tracking software which can be used globally to set up your own vehicle tracking business.

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The pricing structure at GPSWOX offers the flexibility to choose the add-ons that suit your business requirements. Since the company does not sell its own hardware, it only charges you for its software. 

For starters, GPSWOX offers a 30-day free trial for assessing the service yourself. The base plan is currently available for $99 per month and is valid for unlimited users allowing them to track up to 100 assets. The next plan is available at $199 per month for tracking up to 500 items, and to track up to 1,000 objects the company charges $290 every month. The software is hosted on GPSWOX’s servers.

There is an option where users pay $2,440 as a lifetime payment to track unlimited objects and that is ideal for large businesses that prefer a single payment. You can choose to host the software on GPSWOX’s servers or your own servers. The company offers a 100-day money-back guarantee and also does not have a minimum contract length.

Unlike other companies, tracking vehicles on mobile is an added cost here. The Android fleet tracking app costs an additional $59 a month while the iOS app is available at an extra $99 a month. However, once subscribed, both the apps are available for unlimited users. 

The company offers an additional discount for paying upfront for three, six or twelve months. These benefits can be bagged on checkout.

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GPSWOX is one of the very few fleet management providers available globally yet placed at the affordable end of the pricing spectrum. It helps in optimizing fuel costs for the organization, safeguarding the fleet and managing employees. 

It is suited for small, mid and large-sized fleets, and serves industries like automotive, healthcare, transportation/logistics, retail, government and defense, hospitality, or individuals and families with their tracking requirements.

The software is easy to use and has a clean layout that offers detailed information with just a few clicks. The company takes pride in boasting that the software has won many accolades for its usability.

With straightforward pricing that is devoid of any contracts, GPSWOX aims to offer a solution that can be deployed by organizations with varying fleet sizes, as mentioned. The company follows a one-size-fits-all mantra by offering similar features for all tiers. However, it does have optional add-ons to fine-tune the end solution as per requirements.

Some of the key features of GPSWOX’s solution are:

  • Real-time tracking: While this is a basic feature that all tracking solutions offer, GPSWOX lets you track almost every asset including vehicles, phones, employees, bikes, etc. in real-time. It offers three different options, namely Google Maps, Satellite and OSM to collect additional data like speed, fuel consumption, address, travel history and more.
  • Notifications and alerts: GPSWOX offers instant alerts and notifications based on incidents like a vehicle entering or exiting a geo-zone, driving behaviors like speeding, unscheduled stopovers or even in case of a stolen vehicle.
  • Reports: GPSWOX offers various downloadable reports by date and GPS tracker name, including driving hours, stopovers, distance traveled, fuel consumption and more. There is also an option to download detailed and group reports.
  • Fuel savings: Real-time information about fuel consumption, and the option to check fuel levels at anytime, helps businesses to keep fuel expenses in check. Timely alerts and reports on aggressive driving behaviors like rapid acceleration, speeding and braking, which directly influence fuel consumption, can be highly useful. This monitoring of fuel usage can bring down fuel consumption by 5% to 15% and works as an effective way to control potential fraudulent activities by drivers.
  • Geofencing: This feature lets businesses set up geographic boundaries for assets, restricting their movement to a limited area. Admins are alerted the moment a vehicle exits or enters the geo-fenced area.

GPSWOX’s software has received various accolades for offering a great user experience. Awards that it received in 2018 include the Expert’s Choice by FinancesOnline, Supreme Software Award, and Great User Experience Certificate.

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Since GPSWOX’s software is available globally, it offers support across different regions. The technical helpdesk can be reached 24/7 via email while sales and general enquiries are available on all days from 9am to 9pm. Users can also book a free call by filling in a contact form though it may take up to 24 hours depending on the query.

The company has also got FAQs and videos available on the website to help customers in case anyone needs assistance, and while GPSWOX has a YouTube channel as well with a lot of videos, the channel is not updated with fresh videos regularly.

Final verdict

GPSWOX is an easy to use cloud-based fleet management solution. With its simple pricing structure and global presence, it could be an ideal solution for companies located in multiple countries. Its option to sync with most telematics systems and the fact that it lets you use your existing hardware makes life easy for users who already have tracking devices, but need a thorough fleet management solution to track their fleet.

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