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A robust GPS fleet tracking system

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A good fit for businesses that have limited requirements, but still a solid fleet tracking solution.


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    Transparent pricing

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    Multiple hardware options

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    Global presence

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    Available direct phone support


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    Missing some fleet management features

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    Limited direct support hours

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US Fleet Tracking, established in 2005 in Oklahoma City, is one of the oldest and biggest GPS tracking businesses, providing services in over 150 countries around the world.

US Fleet Tracking is a company that provides fleet tracking services and hardware to companies like Academic Pest Control. They take pride in their logistical support at numerous marquee events in the US, including the 2010 Pro Bowl, 2011 NHL All Star Game, and 2010 Winter Olympics. They have also offered their services at every Super Bowl since 2007.

The company specializes in providing precise GPS tracking data through a user-friendly system that is reasonably priced for most people. Its pricing structure makes it suitable for both businesses with large fleets and individuals who want to track their personal vehicles. US Fleet Tracking's operations in the United States, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Australia, South America, and Africa make it easier for businesses with a global presence to work with a single fleet tracking provider.

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US Fleet Tracking: Pricing

US Fleet Tracking is one of the most popular GPS tracking providers for a number of reasons, including its affordable pricing. The company offers a simple pricing structure with a base plan starting at just $29.95 per device per month for 10-second updates, and a slightly more expensive plan at $39.95 per device per month for 5-second updates.

Both plans are contract free and can be canceled at any time. They offer live, real-time location data to keep you up-to-date on the movement of your vehicles/assets, as well as mileage reports, hours of operation, and alerts based on preset geofences. They connect over the cellular network.

Businesses can choose a hardware tracking product from the website to meet their specific needs in addition to the monthly service fee. The available products range in price from $129 for the AT-V4 Wireless GPS Tracker to $299 for the PT-V3 Pro GPS Tracker, and these include the NT-V4 GPS Tracker, AT-V4 GPS Tracker, AT-V4 Pro GPS Tracker, and OBD-V4 GPS Tracker.

In addition to tracking devices, the company also sells a variety of accessories, such as USB cigarette lighter adapters, USB replacement antennas, wiring harnesses, interface cables, cases, and wall chargers. This makes it simple to locate a replacement cable or charger for the tracking device.

US Fleet Tracking: Features

US Fleet Tracking is one of the oldest and most well-known GPS tracking providers. Unlike most other providers, it does not offer fleet management services. This makes it a good option for businesses that are only looking for a vehicle or asset tracking solution and do not need features like scheduling, fuel reports, or periodic inspections.

The company's goal is to provide a truly live tracking solution that is affordable for most businesses and individuals. To keep prices under control, the company offers a basic tracking service.

While the basic features of US Fleet Tracking products include vehicle or asset tracking, most products offer additional features, such as speeding alerts, aggressive driving alerts, one-way communication, routing updates, warnings when a vehicle or asset moves out or enters a geofenced area, idling alerts, and a panic button.

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The cloud-based tracking software provided by US Fleet Tracking is a simple and effective way for administrators to track vehicles. It is OS-independent and can be run on any device connected to the internet. The company also offers native applications for iOS and Android mobile platforms for people who want to track vehicles on the go.

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Here are some of the key features and selling points to bear in mind:

Fast updates: US Fleet Tracking offers two plans: a premium plan with 5-second updates and a base plan with 10-second updates. Both plans provide near-live location tracking, so administrators can always know where their vehicles are.

Alerts: These GPS tracking devices can send SMS or email alerts when they detect harsh braking, sudden acceleration, or long idle times. They can also alert the administrator when a vehicle takes a detour, moves out of a geofenced area, or goes anywhere outside of the route planned for the vehicle. These alerts are generated the moment the device senses an incident, thanks to the tracker's ability to update faster than most.

US Fleet Tracking offers additional ELD compliant hardware to meet the necessary compliance standards, as most GPS tracking devices are not ELD compliant. One such device is the ELD-ECM link, which is sold on the platform and enables the transfer of data from the vehicle's ECM to a desired smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. This is important because it ensures that companies are in compliance with the ELD mandate, which requires commercial truck drivers to use electronic logging devices to track their hours of service.

Multiple hardware products: US Fleet Tracking service provides a variety of GPS tracking devices for businesses to choose from, allowing them to customize their purchase according to their needs and keep costs down.

Location history: US Fleet Tracking's historical playback feature allows administrators to access up to 90 days of past GPS data for a vehicle. This enables tracking the vehicle's historical movements in the event of an incident.

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US Fleet Tracking: Support

The company provides direct email and phone support, available on weekdays from 7am to 7pm CST and on Saturdays from 9am to 4pm CST. Businesses that want to deactivate or reactivate tracking services can contact a dedicated helpdesk. A set of video tutorials is also available online to help users understand features like reports, historical view, maintenance, and more. Other self-help content includes an FAQ and product manuals. 

US Fleet Tracking: Final verdict

US Fleet Tracking is a reliable GPS provider that is a good fit for businesses that do not need advanced analytics or the features of a fleet management solution. It is reasonably priced and offers the option to customize the package to meet your specific needs.

While Better Business Bureau (BBB) rates US Fleet Tracking as “A+,” the company has no user reviews on the BBB and is not accredited.

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