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A no-strings-attached fleet monitoring service which isn't overly expensive.


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    Low cost

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    No contracts

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    Free training

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    Available mobile phone apps

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    24/7 support


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    Separate plan for ELD

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    Opaque pricing

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GPSTrackit, founded in 2002, is a company based in Roswell, GA that offers comprehensive fleet management solutions. It is one of the industry's pioneers and has served over 12,000 fleets to date. It was also listed on Deloitte's Technology Fast-500 list.

GPSTrackit is a low-cost telematics provider that offers various fleet management services, such as ELD compliance, safety features, and vehicle diagnostics. However, like many other companies in the market, GPSTrackit does not offer customers a transparent pricing and package structure. Despite this, it offers standout features, such as easy-to-install hardware, free training, monthly billing without contracts, and more, making it one of the most popular fleet management services on the market.

The company boasts about its excellent customer support, supported by the multitude of positive reviews from users on different platforms, including Trustpilot.

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GPSTrackit: Pricing

GPSTrackit previously listed its basic fleet management plan at $23.95 per vehicle per month, making it one of the cheapest services in the business. However, it currently doesn’t publish its pricing information on its website. Instead, it encourages users to complete a form to receive a custom quote tailored to their specific needs.

Additional selling points for GPSTrackit include monthly billing without a contract, no minimum device requirements, and complimentary GPS hardware with free installation. There is also a current offer for a commercial dashcam priced at $29.95, though it remains unclear whether this covers hardware acquisition or represents the monthly service fee.

The company previously offered a 30-day money-back guarantee, but we did not find that offer recently. Although GPSTrackit does not offer a free trial, it does provide users with a free demo which can be accessed by getting in touch with a sales representative or “Fleet Advisor,” as the company prefers to call them. 

The basic plan includes live vehicle tracking, time and driver management, asset protection and management, maintenance planning and alerts, as well as free hardware and training. 

There are additional features available, such as video telematics, which includes video footage, asset tracking, ELD compliance, and more. These features can be purchased separately with different plans. The company also offers custom solutions based on specific requirements, but contact is needed to get pricing on any of these features. 

GPSTrackit: Features

GPSTrackit offers a sturdy tracking solution at a reasonable price. The fact that the company provides its services at an affordable cost does not mean that it sacrifices quality. Although GPSTrackit's prices are significantly lower than those of other companies, its telematics solutions are comparable with those offered by premium-priced products.

The cloud-based software from GPSTrackit automates the creation of optimal routes, making it easier and faster to schedule and map out vehicle routes. Businesses can significantly reduce the number of miles that fleet drivers travel, reduce idle times, service more customers, and even reduce vehicle wear and tear with the use of the system's insights. 

Some of its software features are:

Route planning and tracking: Data-based route planning helps to minimize costs while keeping all stakeholders informed of daily routes, route status, and more.

Driver communication portal: This allows for two-way communication between drivers and administrators while also keeping the mobile workforce connected at all times. Real-time communication helps to provide route updates, changes, delays, job site updates, and other important information.

Form creation and data collection: Customized forms can help reduce paperwork and allow workers to submit data electronically. This is because customized forms can be designed to collect only the data that is needed, and they can be made available online so that workers can submit them from anywhere.

Mobile apps: The company has native mobile applications for Android and iOS in addition to its cloud-based software, allowing fleet management on the go.

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GPSTrackit's software integrates with Google Maps for precise vehicle tracking. It is ideal for both large and small fleets, as it has a lower upfront cost, flexible customization options, and no minimum contract. Moreover, its integrated fuel tracking feature allows administrators to track fuel expenses using fuel cards.

The software updates you on your vehicles’ locations every 30 or 60 seconds, depending on the plan you have chosen. It also sends alerts based on incidents, such as speeding, harsh braking, geofencing breach, and unauthorized use.

The system also offers a variety of reports, including driver scorecards that track speed, reports that identify speed patterns, fuel usage, distance traveled, real-time temperature, and more. Additionally, users can customize reports and have them automatically delivered to their preferred inbox based on preset triggers.

While GPSTrackit offers a cost-effective basic package, businesses needing ELD compliance solutions must choose a separate plan that allows drivers to digitize their Hours of Service (HoS) reporting. The company has a separate mobile app for drivers who need ELD compliance to file their reports on the go.

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GPSTrackit: Support

While many other companies take the DIY approach to support by offering an online knowledge base or tutorial videos, GPSTrackit offers unlimited training for no additional cost. Although online video guides are also available, live training takes the customer support experience to a whole new level. There is also self-help in the form of ebooks, guides, webinars, a blog, and a searchable knowledge base.

For direct assistance, phone and email support are available on a 24/7 basis. A dedicated sales team is also available between 8am and 5pm ET on weekdays.

GPSTrackit: Final verdict

GPSTrackit is one of the few companies that offer low-cost GPS tracking solutions without sacrificing quality. The feature-rich reports prepared with the vast amount of vehicle and route data collected by the software provide businesses with a wealth of insights as needed.

The number of positive reviews on various user business review websites suggests that customers are happy with GPSTrackit’s service, especially with the 24/7 support it offers. We appreciate the abundance of self-help resources and the array of software features it offers, though we would like to see more transparent pricing. At any rate, consider calling the team for a custom quote as this is one of the better options available.

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