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Efficient fleet management and tracking services offered by one of the most recognized brands.


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    No minimum fleet size

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    User-friendly software

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    Driver safety features

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    Extensive reporting


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    Opaque pricing

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    Lack of online training material

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NexTraq is a top telematics solutions provider based in Atlanta, USA. It is a Michelin group company and provides services, such as fleet tracking, a job scheduling board, automatic driver assignment, routing, and real-time alerts. The company has been in operation for 19 years and offers its services to a wide range of industries, including construction and heavy equipment, food and beverage, manufacturing, transportation, oil, gas and mining, agriculture, distribution, government and public safety, and many more. 

NexTraq: Plans and pricing

Unlike most fleet tracking services, NexTraq does not list pricing details on its website. Instead, businesses must contact the company directly for a quote. NexTraq is suitable for businesses of all sizes, as there is no limit on the number of vehicles that can be included in a contract. The company can be contacted by phone, through a chatbot, or by filling out a contact form on its website.

NexTraq's key selling point is that it offers free installation and does not charge an activation fee. Many people are not experienced in installing hardware on vehicles and machinery, so having a professional set up the tracking system is a highly desirable perk.

NexTraq, like most other companies, offers a three-year contract. The hardware cost is paid up front, while the monthly payment is primarily a software license fee.

NexTraq: Features

NexTraq is a cloud-based fleet management solution provider that offers a cost-effective way to manage and track moving assets, while also helping businesses optimize their resources for maximum output. To meet industry standards and stay compliant with government regulations, NexTraq offers ELD-, HoS-, DVIR-, and FMCSA-compliant solutions. 

NexTraq's system is powered by Google Maps, which means it can provide precise location and terrain information to meet business needs. Its software refreshes every 30 seconds, providing admins with real-time vehicle location details.

The software is easy to use and allows users to track vehicles, as well as a variety of other features that help businesses stay informed. Geofencing, two-way communication, and other options are available, and the system can generate a variety of reports that keep administrators up-to-date on driver performance.

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The following features make NexTraq’s software extremely useful:

Cloud-based solution: NexTraq provides a cloud-based solution that can be accessed from any mobile device, laptop, computer, or tablet, regardless of the operating system. This gives users the flexibility to monitor their fleet from anywhere, even on the go.

Third-party integration: NexTraq's software integrates with the most widely used back-office systems, allowing businesses to seamlessly manage their operations and monitor vehicles using a single integrated system.

Route optimization: NexTraq's data and insights can be used to create and manage fuel-efficient optimized routes for fleets.

Fuel efficiency: NexTraq's fuel cards are very helpful in tracking, managing, and monitoring fuel consumption for each vehicle. This helps to reduce fuel waste and inefficiency and to coach drivers to follow better fuelling habits. 

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NexTraq also has a native mobile app for both Android and iOS devices. Drivers can use the app to log their daily attendance, record start times, break times, and finish times. On the backend, the app can be used to generate various reports, such as individual or team attendance reports, or to compare historical data.

NexTraq is unlike other fleet management companies in that it has a strong focus on safety features. It provides a detailed comparative report based on driver performance, which can be used to reward top performers and provide necessary coaching to those who are lagging behind.

The company offers a suite of features ensuring driver safety and accountability. These include:

NexTraq Dashcam: This provides HD video evidence that makes it simple to show driver accountability in situations involving disputed claims, disputes, negligent driving, insurance fraud, staged accidents, and more. Encouragement of safe driving practices is also beneficial to lower insurance costs.

NexTraq MobileBlock: This feature makes sure that the driver's smart gadgets, such as phones or tablets, are locked while they are in motion. This keeps the driver's attention on the road rather than on playing games, sending texts, or checking email.

NexTraq Driver Training: Drivers may be provided training based on their performance reports in order to break poor driving habits like speeding or texting while driving and to encourage defensive driving and fuel-efficient driving. Such training aids not only drivers in enhancing their performance but also the company in resource optimization.

NexTraq Driver Safety Scorecard: Detailed reporting on driving habits, fuel efficiency, and other topics can hold drivers responsible for their actions. These comparison scorecards show the drivers who require tutoring on various difficulties and help identify the drivers who are performing well, who can then be recognized for their performance.

NexTraq Driver Awareness: Drivers can adhere to business policies while driving thanks to this tool. Every time the vehicle is involved in an event, such as a harsh acceleration or aggressive braking, an automated beep cautions the driver to drive carefully.

NexTraq: Support

Customers can reach out to NexTraq via multiple mediums. The company offers telephone support six days a week via a dedicated helpline with available hours from 7:30am to 6pm EST on weekdays and from 8am to 3pm on Saturdays. The support team can also be reached via email.

While there is limited training material available online on NexTraq’s website that includes an FAQ, whitepapers, and a blog, its YouTube channel offers some resources. The company has explainer videos that can help first-time users and drivers while on the go, but the most recent videos are from almost 3 years ago.

NexTraq has been rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). However, it has some feedback on the site related to price increases during the three-year contract, as well as users complaining about the cancellation fees under those circumstances. On balance, it does appear that these issues, when escalated to the BBB, were all resolved to everyone’s satisfaction.

NexTraq: Final verdict

NexTraq is a solid choice for GPS fleet tracking services due to its focus on safety, lack of minimum vehicle requirements, free installation, and lifetime hardware warranty.

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