Teletrac Navman fleet management solution review

A robust fleet management solution

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A veteran telematics company that offers a wide range of fleet tracking services and is suitable for all fleet sizes, but customer feedback is a concern.


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    Presence in multiple countries

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    Offers free demo

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    Wide range of features


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    Pricing details not mentioned on the website

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    Negative feedback on Better Business Bureau

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Teletrac Navman (opens in new tab) was formed when Teletrac Inc and Navman Wireless combined their expertise to offer Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based fleet management and telematics solutions. The company delivers real-time fleet tracking (opens in new tab) insights and analytics with the help of its specialized solutions to help clients optimize costs, monitor their fleet and improve overall efficiency.

Teletrac Navman is headquartered in Glenview, Illinois, and has offices in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico. It is one of the world’s largest fleet management solution providers with over 40,000 clients tracking in excess of 500,000 vehicles across six continents.

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Teletrac Navman does not publish the pricing details of its solutions online. Like many other fleet management companies, Teletrac Navman prefers prospective users to make direct contact, since pricing varies based on the solution, contract length as well as on specific business requirements.

However, one can expect a minimum contract of three years which is the industry norm. That said, some fleet management companies do offer monthly plans, and do not have a minimum contract term, hence making them suitable for fleet companies looking for a minimal commitment.

Going by some online reviews, one thing suggested is that Teletrac Navman has a minimum requirement of three vehicles to be eligible to sign up for its service.

The company has three different tiers of subscription listed on its website. These are:

Essential: Suitable for smaller fleets, this plan carries basic features like GPS tracking, a maintenance module, standard reporting and flexible hardware offerings.

Professional: This plan offers a comprehensive fleet management solution and includes features like high-definition GPS tracking, advanced analytics, safety analytics, an integrated dashboard camera, sensors and a compliance suite (ELD/IFTA/ DVIR), as well as all the benefits available under the Essential plan.

Enterprise: As the name suggests this is designed for businesses seeking a tailored solution, catering for fleet sizes of 1,000+ vehicles. Besides offering all the benefits of the Professional tier, it also boasts dedicated account managers, professional services support, custom integrations plus custom analytics and dashboards.


Teletrac Navman aims to offer a needs-specific solution for each business. The company says that its trained professional workforce understands business needs of all kinds and assists businesses in identifying goals and achieving them using its telematics solution.

The company offers cloud-based tracking software called Director that comes with a host of features that help achieve better fleet management, ensuring driver safety and timely upkeep of vehicles.

However, the software is further customizable to add or remove features based on the client’s goals, making it suitable to manage fleets of any size or vehicle types.

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Here are some of the key features of Teletrac Navman:

Fleet Tracking: Of course, this is a basic feature of any fleet management solution. Operators can monitor assets in real-time thus improving efficiency and productivity. The regular insights offered by the software includes the location of the vehicle, activity reporting, as well as driver behavioral reports, and these are critical for their safety and the vehicle’s upkeep.

Teletrac Navman’s Director also offers two-way messaging between the driver and the operator which allows them to give real-time feedback on incidents, and share critical information regarding route changes. Instant alerts on fuel consumption and vehicle analytics help ensure the vehicle’s health as well as reduce the scope of any fraudulent activities.

The fact that Director comes with Google Maps integrated as the default mapping option is another added advantage, because users benefit from the general familiarity with Google maps, and the robust mapping information offered by it. 

Geofencing is another important tool that lets administrators keep tabs on the movement of vehicles, and ensures that drivers follow the route assigned to them.

Compliance: Director offers peace of mind to drivers during any roadside inspection. It helps sync and store data on the cloud thus lightening the load in terms of paperwork. It offers instant access to Hours of Service, ELD, IFTA, and DVIR data for the driver on their tablet, thus ensuring compliance with local regulatory policies. 

Driver Safety: With the help of the enormous amount of data collected from various on-board sensors, the dashcam feed, and more, the system offers multiple reports highlighting driving behaviors like harsh braking, using a cell phone while driving, sharp turns, speeding and any traffic or compliance violations. With the help of these auto-generated reports, operators can ensure that relevant coaching is given to the drivers (while the drivers with good performance levels can be recognized as well). 

Maintenance and Fuel: The maintenance module in Director is aimed at ensuring that vehicles spend more time on the road rather than at the service station. With features like real-time engine diagnostics, fuel usage monitoring, and idling reports, it becomes easy to track vehicle health and make sure that issues get looked at well in time. Advance scheduling of preventive maintenance helps avoid the danger of unexpected repair costs.

Reports: Director offers various reports with detailed insights using a customized dashboard that allows informed decision making and continued performance assessments of the fleet. These reports help identify trends, resource utilization, and drivers who need coaching.

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Teletrac Navman has a strong support team to respond to customer queries. Apart from telephone and email support, the company also offers a lot of training material online including webinars, videos, guides and more. 

Its social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, are active with regular updates being made.

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Final verdict

Teletrac Navman has been in the business a long time, for decades, in fact, and offers a suite of services that are suitable for fleets of all different sizes.

The company has been given an A+ rating by Better Business Bureau. However, that said, the feedback left on Teletrac Navman is a concern, with a 1-star rating over 14 reviews left by customers on Better Business Bureau, and a raft of complaints.

Therefore, we would recommend that you opt for a free demo, and look into the terms and conditions before signing a long-term contract.

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