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Re:amaze is a useful helpdesk tool but you may crave additional features

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Re:amaze may not be for everyone, but this helpdesk solution still has much of the functionality required.


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    Good personalization options

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    Decent range of integrations


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    Missing some features compared to rivals

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    AI functionality is a bit hit or miss

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Within the increasingly competitive customer support space, it can be difficult to know which solutions can really stake a claim to be the best help desk software and which are merely pretenders to the crown. Unfortunately, you’d have to say that Re:amaze falls into the latter category. 

Re:amaze is by no means a bad help desk solution, but there are a few drawbacks that customers have pointed out - including issues relating to its AI functionality. Considering there are a rapidly growing number of AI tools on the market today, this is a shame and something that could count against it considering the plethora of other live chat and help desk apps that are making bold claims about their AI functionality. 

Having said all that, Re:amaze still has a lot going for it. The platform looks to achieve its aim of enhancing agent productivity by leveraging a host of features. These include message automation and te ability to monitor customer’s browsing activity and shopping data. This is why Re:amaze, as well as being a help desk tool, is also closely aligned with CRM software solutions, with both proving useful for boosting conversion. 

So, despite its flaws, if you already have an ecommerce presence and want a new help desk solution that understands the kinds of things your customers are likely to look for in any support program, then Re:amaze could be a good fit.

Re:amaze Review: Plans and pricing

Re:amaze is available in three different pricing tiers: Basic, Pro and Plus. The prices for these compare favorably with some of Re:amaze’s competitors, many of which offer their plans at a higher price. 

The Re:amaze Basic plan is available for $29 per team member per month, while the Pro subscription comes in at $49 and the Plus plan at $69. Of course, this doesn’t tell you much about whether any of these subscriptions represent good value for money or not. That, of course, depends on what you are looking for from a help desk solution.

It’s worth pointing out, however, that Re:amaze also comes with a 14-day free trial so you can try all of the platform’s features before committing yourself financially. You won’t be billed unless you decide to continue using the platform following the trial’s completion. In fact, the platform won’t ask you for a major commitment even if you do decide to continue using it beyond the trial period. Re:amaze is billed month-to-month so you can cancel at any time, without facing a cancellation fee. 

Another interesting feature of Re:amaze’s pricing plans is that, in addition to the three aforementioned contracts, the software can also be accessed by paying for two other plans - one designed for start-ups and the other for enterprises. 

The Re:amaze Starter plan is available for a flat fee of $59 per month - regardless of the number of team members you have. Admittedly, there are some restrictions - you are limited to 500 responded conversations per month - but you also receive access to all the features that come with the Basic plan. For start-ups, or smaller businesses that are predicting rapid growth, the Starter contract could represent an attractive option, allowing for fast scalability. The other option is the Enterprise plan, which is available for a custom fee, meaning you’ll need to get in touch with the sales team to see how much the contract will set you back. It’s good to know that for the largest firms, Re:amaze is happy to accommodate their needs


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In terms of features, let’s start with the Basic plan. Customers at this price point will receive unlimited email inboxes, welcome, order and custom bots to integrate with their website, workflow automation, and several reporting features. 

The Pro offering comes with everything that you get from the Basic plan, plus additional functionality like a live view of website visitors and workflow reporting. The Plus tier, meanwhile, is the most feature-rich, especially when it comes to Re:amaze’s staff management functionality. The Plus plan also comes with FAQ edit history, article feedback, and live video calls. 

However, although the list of features offered by Re:amaze may look extensive, some customers have complained that not all of them work as they should. For instance, when messaging through social media channels, bugs and error messages have been noticed by several users. Given that research shows that even a single bad customer experience may lead to an individual switching brands, just one of these bugs could have serious financial implications. 


It’s highly unlikely that your company will be able to meet all of its goals with just a single application, which is why a solid base of integration is crucial for many pieces of software to ensure they fit seamlessly as part of a broader suite of business tools. Fortunately, Re:amaze has a pretty impressive list of integrations it supports, from email marketing to payment gateways.

In terms of chatbot integrations, Re:amaze works with Octane AI, Recart, ShppMessage and ManyChat. These chatbots are already popular with many customers, so getting these to work with Re:amaze for Facebook Messenger means they should face minimal disruption to their usual communication methods. 

Communication integrations, meanwhile, include Slack, the hugely popular cloud collaboration tool that is deployed by offices all over the world, and RingCentral, another leading player. CRM integrations are also available, such as with Pipedrive, a sales pipeline tool that by aligning deals with your Re:amaze conversations, could allow you to transform  customer service conversations into sales opportunities.

Interface and ease of use

Overall, Re:amaze can be proud of its ease of use and the intuitive nature of its UI. Most customers have nothing but good things to say about Re:amaze’s functionality, including in excess of 5,000 brands worldwide.

Having said that, a small minority of customers have complained that Re:amaze is liable to make unannounced changes to its user interface via updates. They’ve also said that these updates can be confusing or lead to features that don’t work as well as they once did. 

During our review of the platform, however, we didn’t encounter a problem with the help desk solution. Everything worked as it should and the feature set was clear and easy to get to grips with. 


Of course, whether you think Re:amaze is easy to use or not, you’ll be glad to hear that the platform has some pretty wide-ranging support. This includes a public and internal FAQ, as well as email and social media contacts. 

Re: amaze also comes with its own support site, complete with a host of learning resources and tips for getting started on the platform. There’s also a video tutorial series, including a comprehensive platform demo. 

It is somewhat disappointing that many knowledge base features aren’t available with the Basic Plan, so you’ll have to stump up for Pro or Plus if you want to include these withing your own customer support. However, in terms of troubleshooting for Re:amaze, itself, there is plenty of information to help you out if you get into a jam with the platform. 


Given that help desk platforms have access to a great deal of customer data, security is taken extremely seriously. That’s certainly the case with Re:amaze, which has recently implemented a more secure authentication system to enhance account security. Although this change may cause some slight disruption for users, there’s a handy explainer on the company website. 

Re:amaze is also fully GDPR compliant, despite hosting all data in the US. Of course, this might be an issue for some businesses that would prefer their help desk data to be stored domestically. Even so, there’s nothing to suggest that Re:amaze won’t take great care to guarantee the privacy and security of user data.

The competition

There is no shortage of options for businesses looking to deploy a new help desk solutions - so Re:amaze is just one of many. Other choices worthy of your consideration include LiveChat, Tidio, and Intercom

In terms of integrations, security, and support there’s not much to choose between Re:amaze and the leading players in the market. In addition, Re:amaze is difficult to beat in terms of cost. At $29 per month for its Basic plan, Re:amaze is more affordable than many of its competitors. 

Of course, price isn’t the only consideration for firms - even if it is a hugely important one. For example, it would be nice if Re:amaze boasted some of the advanced AI functionality that some of its rivals offer. Having said that this is a fast-moving space, and the platform has shown a willingness to issue updates and launch new features, so this could become a strength in no time.

Re:amaze review: Final verdict

Re:amaze is a very decent help desk solution. And if your budget is tight, you may find its relative affordability difficult to turn down. Some other help desk tools may offer more extensive feature sets but there’s still plenty to enhance your customer support offering here. 

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