samsung mv800 review

Given the heavy advertising budget and the appeal of a flip-out screen, we can see the Samsung MV800 becoming a bestseller. Unfortunately, the quality of the pictures and the low quality of the screen let it down.

That said, there are other elements of the camera which definitely appeal. Its sleek body makes it extremely pocket-friendly, which is perhaps surprising considering the extra bulk that a moveable screen should add.

Filters and effects add a touch of fun, which should make it particularly appealing with families.

We liked

The Samsung MV800's flip-out screen is useful for composing self-portraits and group shots with minimal fuss, along with more awkward positions such as high and low angles. Some of the filters, frames and effects are genuinely quite fun to work with.

We disliked

The screen quality meant that more than once we needlessly retook photos to make sure that at least one was in focus. Using the second shooting button on the back of the camera is a little cumbersome.

Final verdict

We wanted so much to like the Samsung MV800, but ultimately for the price point we think it's a disappointment and would encourage anyone thinking of buying this compact camera to wait and see if it reduces in price first.