Olympus SZ-20 review

We look under the hood of Olympus's latest super-zoom

Olympus SZ-20
It's a touch chubbier than the average point-and-shoot

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Although the SZ-20 needs at least 10cm to focus on macro subjects, the results are actually impressive. If we were to be critical however a growing number of compacts now allow users to get as close as 1cm from the subject; thus Olympus needs to catch up, and fast.


One of our favourite filters is the 'Sparkle' option which adds a star burst effect to fragments of light. This is particularly impressive when shooting subjects such as flowers, windows and water on sunny days


When capturing images with the compact in Watercolour filter, the results can appear rather weak; with subjects lacking definition and variance in colour. However once uploaded onto the computer users can make out a greater level of detail and will notice colours previously unseen on the LCD

Dodgy panorama

Good panorama

In soft even light – across the expanse of the scene – Smart Panorama is capable of recording well exposed vistas. However if the light changes mid exposure the camera's metering can struggle and as such the results may be unusable. Click to see the full image

Soft filter

The soft filter is ideal for using when capturing macro stills of plants, or portraits of newborns and children

Punk filter

Punk Filter

Pinhole filter

Pin hole filter