Lomography La Sardina review

Yes, this fish can really is a camera

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Lomo la sardina

The Lomo La Sardina is a fun little camera for carrying around and almost forgetting you've got with you. Use it sparingly and you'll have a greater variety of shots on the camera and thus will be more delighted when the results come back.

One of the biggest problems however with any Lomo camera is of course the cost. The La Sardina is one of the cheaper cameras in the range, especially if you go for the without-flash model, but it's still somewhat of an investment – buying film and development costs soon add up.

We Liked

The fun design of this camera means you'll never be bored of the design, plus you can unleash your creative side using double exposures, different films and so on.

We disliked

It's expensive keeping a Lomo camera going, the expense of buying and developing film is off-putting, especially considering this camera doesn't provide the same sharp results as other Lomo cameras in the range.


The La Sardina is a great introduction to the Lomography brand, and if you're intrigued by the idea of film shooting but have been put off in the past, this is a great starter camera. If you want to shoot mainly outside, we'd say it's probably worth leaving the flash behind, but if you want to use it at parties and so on, the different coloured discs do give an added fun element.