Fuji XQ1 review

Fuji's X20 sensor in a tiny body

Fuji XQ1
The Fuji XQ1's good looks are bound to attract admirers

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The Fuji XQ1 is a very nice-looking camera that is well styled and will catch the eye of those searching for something with a convincing appearance. It's built very well too, and in general terms its photographic performance is mostly up to what should be expected.

Picture quality is decent without being exceptional, and while detail is well resolved as sensitivity increases, noise joins that detail and adds texture that doesn't exist in real life.

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We've enjoyed using the camera in brighter conditions, but those attracted by the wide maximum aperture may feel cheated that the iris closes very quickly as the zoom is employed, and higher and higher ISO settings are required to freeze elements in a scene moving only at a walking pace.

It is a fun camera, but we can't help feel it fails to live up to its promises, and with the falling cost of models such as the Canon Powershot G16/G15 and GX1 and the Panasonic LX7, it might find standing against the competition rather difficult.