Canon IXUS 240 HS review

Pocket-sized compact camera with Wi-Fi and touchscreen controls

Canon IXUS 240 HS
Wi-Fi and touchscreen controls are the big features on this pocket-sized stylish compact camera

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The images that this little compact camera turns out can be very good indeed, but it does struggle at times with its dynamic range, which is something that can't be cured by shooting raw, since the Canon IXUS 240 HS will only record JPEG files.

The dynamic range problem is likely to stem from the fact that Canon has crammed 16 million pixels into a tiny 1/2.3 sensor, which is a shame since the performance would probably be better with a 12MP sensor using larger photosites.

But let's leave performance to one side for a moment, because it's usability that really lets this camera down. The touchscreen is an abomination and the Wi-Fi settings could defy even Sherlock Holmes.

We liked

The responsive shutter, cracking lens and great performance at higher ISO settings are huge plus points. The build quality is also pleasing and the camera really does look rather smart.

We disliked

The confusing Wi-Fi function, the convoluted menu system and the torturous touchscreen menu really made this a disappointing camera to use, especially considering its price.

Final verdict

The good points of the Canon IXUS 240 HS are the smart styling, the sweet lens, responsive shutter and the competent low-light performance. But unless you really must have Wi-Fi and a touchscreen, look at something else, since these gimmicks aren't worth the higher price tag.